Dreams Are Not Enough: Magic and Action for the Spring Equinox

Spring has been springing and now it’s well under way. The river outside my window, as I write this, is free of ice, flowing, shimmering in the sunlight. And oh! The sunlight! It’s been so long since I’ve seen it shining out across the land. The ground is squishy. Just a few piles of snow remain, slowly returning their water to the earth.

Winter is a time for deep rest. It is a time for restoration and dreaming. It is a time for remembering. With the start of winter with All Soul’s/Samhain, we begin to reconnect with what is within us. That which preceded us – our ancestors, darkness. There is chill before there is heat. The new year begins in the dreaming time.

Snowdrop flowers burst from a cover of leaves in the spring.

Winter to Spring – Transitioning from Dreaming to Action

Spring’s first spark is, in the traditional, European Wheel of the Year, is lit in early February. We’re still blanketed in snow and darkness, but in early February Candlemas/St. Brigid’s Day/Imbolc/Groundhog Day encourages us to turn our face towards the sun. We start to remember how to move. We begin to wake from our dreaming.

In spring we light our fire. This fire drives action. So I’m here with a friendly reminder: Dreaming is not sufficient. Dreams are lovely. They are inspiring. They are powerful. But they are also ephemeral. They have little hold over the physical, material world. Dreams are a start, an invitation, an impetus. But if you actually want to realize your dreams you must pair your dreaming with action.

In the modern New Age community it is sometimes regarded as sufficient to dream – to shift our thoughts toward that which we desire. This is the thread woven through vision boards, so much material that’s out there about manifesting, and “The Secret”. And sometimes it’s enough to think what you’re hoping for into being. It’s more likely enough when you’re someone who is privileged enough to not need to grapple with society’s unjust systems.

But for most of us, and especially for those of us, privileged or not, who want a just and enchanted world, dreaming is not enough. Dreaming must be paired with action.

Magic must be made. And when we make magic we’re practicing witchcraft. Magic is the idea that we are powerful. Witchcraft is acting as if we are powerful. It requires action. To make your magic is to act.

How to Move From Dreaming to Action

Are you ready to wake up your action muscles? To stretch and warm in the spring sun so you can cast the spells of your dreams this spring?

Get out your journal and take some time to reflect this Spring Equinox. Ask yourself:

  • What is an action I can take that will support my soul / my emotional self / my creative self?
  • What is a practical action I can take in the material world to move closer to my dream?
  • How can I support my capacity to take action in alignment with my dreams?
  • Where am I able and empowered to take action?
  • What is one action I can take toward this goal?
  • When should I commit to have this action completed?
  • Are there related tasks I need to do to complete in order to bring this action into reality?

Spring into Action – A Tarot Spread for the Equinox

As we move from winter’s dreaming into spring and summer’s action, it can feel tough. Action is a muscle, remembering how to do it is not quite as easy riding a bike, unfortunately. A great way to move from dreaming to action is by starting magically. Ritual is a way of intentionally moving your dreams into action. So I put together this spread to help you initiate action toward a goal this spring. I hope you will find it useful as part of your Spring Equinox/Ostara ritual work:

Card arrangement for the spring into action tarot spread

Focus on the action you’re committing to, hold it close in your heart, and set the intention to find clarity on how to make your mark on reality.

1. What challenges will I face in taking this action?

2. A way I can support my emotional self as I face this challenge and take this action:

3. A practical action I can take that will provide a foundation for this action:

4. A timeline for this action:

5. What my guides think of this action:

6. How can I keep myself accountable?

7. A touchstone I can return to when I start to feel discouraged:

May you revive your fire and move from dreaming to action and action to reality this spring.

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