Changing, Growing, and Finding My Path in Business

Change can be scary. Change also means growth. And when things are changing I try to take my inspiration from the blossoms at the height of summer. When a flower blooms it changes. But do you think the flower ever questions it’s growth? Do you think the plant fears blossoming?

To grow is to change. To grow is to live. To change is to live.

That’s what I believe. It isn’t always necessarily reflected in my actions, because well, change IS hard. But I’ve gotten better over the years by remembering to be like the flower in summer.

Which is why I have been spending A LOT of my time in this beginning of the year period reflecting on my path, mapping out where I’m headed and where I want to go, preparing for a journey. Not a new journey, mind you. This is more of a waypoint, a place to stop-over, to rest, to repair gear, to compare notes with other travelers, and to refine the course I’ve been taking.

What exactly is this journey? Well, if you’ve been here for a while you’ve started to seen this journey and the way it has begun to slowly shift: it’s the way I share my practice, help folks connect to their agency and magic. My goal has been and will continue to be helping you to connect to your own wisdom and magic.

The only thing that has changed is that I have recently gotten some DEEP clarity on how exactly to actually articulate that! This is really just a part of the journey of running your own business. You start out and you don’t really know what you’re doing – everything about running a business is NEW! So you model your biz on other businesses. You try out strategies and methods that other people suggest. You figure out what works for you and your clients. And then eventually it’s time to shed the structures you borrowed and create your own. That’s me! That’s where I’m at right now!

I’ve been slowly testing this out over the last few months: testing out sliding scale, slowly trying new ways of talking about my work, soul searching about my relationship to work and social media as a chronically ill person and as someone with radical politics, introducing more ancestor and journey work to my offerings, trashing plans to do a big fancy launch for a big fancy course and instead sending out a low-key invitation for a low-key learning experience.

In short, over the last few months I’ve been listening to my heart, my soul, my body. I have been trusting my guides and my business. And these tentative steps down this more aligned path have brought me so much joy, clarity, and success!


And yeah, it was scary, hard, and uncomfortable. But staying present with that change, being IN the process of blooming, led me towards growth and to a greater understanding and articulation of what I’m here to do!

So what exactly is it that I’m here to do? I am a guide. I am a bridge maker. I connect folks to experiences beyond consensus reality. I am a guide through the misty lands of the liminal and spiritual. I am a provider of information for empowered choice, but I’m not here to make choices for you. I’m here to connect you the information to make the choice that’s right for you. I am not the source of information; I am your source of how to get the information. I am not here to tell you what to do; I am here to help you connect to your intuition and your own inner knowing of what needs to be done. My goal is to help you to connect to your own wisdom so you can be in conversation and relationship with the beyond. I’m here to help you learn the tools of spiritual exploration so that you can set off on your own mystical adventure!

Ultimately, I’m here to help you learn to communicate with and explore the beyond.

Because no matter what your goals are in the spiritual realm, you need to be able to connect, communicate and be in relationship with the beyond. If you wanna make magic, embody your gifts, heal ancestral trauma, reclaim lost traditions, find healing, then you’re in the right place! Cuz the first step is to all of that is to be in communication with the beyond. And I’m here to help you take that first step. Which path you take after that…that’s up to you! That’ll be your growth. That’ll be your path, your calling to blossom into.

And it’ll probably be hard, scary, uncomfortable, challenging. But I believe that you’ll choose to grow, to make change, to blossom. I believe you’ll choose to live your life! I believe you’ll choose communication, connection, relationship, and exploration!

So what can you expect from me in this new year? Well, a lot of the same stuff, actually. I’m still the tarot reader, folk witch, spirit worker, and queer mystic you know and love! I’ll still be offering the same tarot services. I will also still be offering readings and learning experiences that help you connect to your ancestors! AND I’ll be putting together and experiential learning course all about folk magic. PLUS a series of workshops all about the Underworld with my friend Emily Prentice!

Excited to explore the Underworld? I created a free playlist to help you tune the Underworld’s magic! Tune into these Underworld vibes, align with the liminal, pirouette with the primordial, and twirl with transformation. Get the playlist here!

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