Hi! I’m Lex – tarot reader and folk magician weaving spells for liberation, living in the Great Black Swamp, user of they/them pronouns, disciple of pleasure and decadence. Sound amazing? Here’s the thing, though –

Three years ago I was following the rules.

You see, three years ago I was getting my PhD in Environmental Engineering, hiding my queerness, neurodivergence, chronic illness, learning disability, working class background & my witchiness.

So, you might wonder how I got here – living my best life, openly queer, making magic & helping others discover theirs, breaking all the rules on what one is “supposed” to do in life. Don’t you gotta be a lineage witch who started reading tarot at 3 in order to be a real-deal profesh tarot reader and folk magician?


You see, three years ago I was…

…constantly exhausted from pretending to be somebody else.

…betraying my values every day, too damn tired and drained to do the right thing.

…making no art and no magic.

…in utter inner chaos – I was mentally exhausted, physically exhausted and left with a deeply unfulfilling feeling that it was all wrong and I was powerless to fix it.

But I felt the lie of this in my soul. Deep inside me there was something that refused to believe that I was powerless. There HAD to be a way that I could live my values, that I could be present for life, to take ACTION, make CHANGE in my life & my world.

Luckily, I trusted that feeling. I kept searching and one day I bought myself a tarot deck and…

Tarot brought me back to myself.

I took all my scientific training and applied it to learning to read tarot and make magic! I experimented and tested, figured out what worked for me and created an approach to tarot and magic that empowered me to find

Out of the unaligned, disempowered chaos of my life I was able to build the life I wanted. I quit my PhD & left behind the high-flying career track that meant I’d have to betray my values to earn a pay check. I moved back to my home state, back to my roots. I planted a garden & slowed way the fuck down. I started sharing my own unique approach to tarot and magic with other folx stuck in “the rules”.

Along the way I studied with Ren Zatopek, Lindsay Mack, Tess Giberson, Erin Aquarian, Samara Kasai, and Olivia Pepper.

Now, I get up ever morning and help folx connect to their power, their magic, their capacity for liberation and enchantment by holding playful and empowering space. I do this because I know what it is like to hid, smother and shut out your spark, power, and magic. I approach tarot and folk magic as tools for liberation and enchantment to help folks find their personal power. I do this work because I believe that every act of individual liberation, every individual act of enchantment build collective liberation and collective enchantment.