Hi! I’m Lex!

Queer folk magic. Tarot Reading.
Ancestor & Spirit Work.

Facilitator of liminal experiences.

Guide to radical approaches for mystical exploration.

Empowering you to trust your intuition and follow your path.

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Curious about how I help you find your path and follow the callings of your mystically adventurous soul? Check out this video or read more below!

What I Do

I’m a facilitator of liminal experiences. Through folk magic, spirit work and tarot I help spiritual rebels, academic witches, and mystical revolutionaries like you go beyond the conventional, learn to trust your own intuition, and make your own path through the magical realm. Through divination, meditation, and education it is my goal to help you connect to your own wisdom and learn to be in conversation with the beyond so you can be your own guide to mystical exploration!

I’m here to help you learn to communicate with and explore the beyond in your own way. Whether you want to heal, connect to ancestors, reclaim ancient ways, re-weave enchantment or are simply feeling a call to explore the mystical realms, the first step is connecting with the beyond.

I’m a mystical guide, spiritworker, facilitator of magical education and tarot reader for rebels, former rule-followers and weirdos – the folks who like going beyond the conventional and finding their own way. I’m not a healer; I’m a teacher. I’m not here to fix you; I’m here to connect you to the tools to heal yourself.

I live in the Rust Belt, in the remains of the Great Black Swamp, on the unceded ancestral lands of the Miami, Peoria, and Potawatomi, and work with clients around the world.

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I not only explore the beyond, but I strive to bring back what I learn to share as widely as I can. In service of that work, I am also a writer. You can check out my writing portfolio for examples of my work. You can also subscribe to Liminal Letters, my weekly digital love letter to the liminal, here! If you’d like to hear me talk more about my work check out my Media page for podcast interviews!

On my mystical journeys I have had many teachers. Learn more about my teachers and lineages of thought here!

Who I Help

My clients and students are weirdos. Seekers. Explorers. Researchers. Rebels. Queer + neurodivergent + chronically ill folks, and the otherwise liminally embodied drawn to explorations of the beyond.

  • You question the recieved wisdom of what you ‘should’ do and how things ‘should’ be done. You’re radical, passionately and unapologetically. You probably breakout in hives when anyone starts talking about tradition and conservative rhetoric of any type gets your hackles up.
  • You’re not interested in doing things they way they’ve always been done or following the easy, well-travelled path. You’re ready to explore the liminal beyond and find the magic + freedom + power that exists beyond today’s consensus reality. You’re willing to break the rules and question everything. You like to let your curiosity take the wheel, and question everything.
  • You don’t want a spiritual authority to tell you the one truth and give you a step-by-step process of exactly what to do. Instead you’re looking for a guide who will offer you a supportive container that will empower you to trust your intuition, find your own truth, and make your own path towards the magic your heart is yearn for.
  • You dream of a better world – a more just one where everyone has what they need, where we’re in tune with the immanent magic of the world, where we live with the seasons, where we’ve torn down the oppressive structures of capitalism, patriarchy, colonialism, and white supremacy.

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Wondering how my own journey into the beyond began?
Read on:

I used to follow the rules. 
Go to school. Get good grades. Go to college. Don’t let them see that you’re queer. Hide your accent. Lie about your neurodivergence, chronic illness, learning disability, what your parents do for work.

I used to follow all those rules (and more!) and I was…

  • constantly exhausted from lying about my truth and pretending to be somebody else.
  • betraying my values every day, too damn tired and drained to do the right thing.
  • hungry for meaning, connection, and purpose, but constantly coming up empty. 
  • in utter inner chaos – SO misaligned, mentally exhausted, physically exhausted and left with a deeply unfulfilling feeling that it was all wrong and I was powerless to fix it.

But something in me wouldn’t ever let me fully believe that I was as powerless as I felt. My inner rebel refused to believe that I was powerless. There HAD to be a way that I could live my values, that I could be present for life, to take ACTION, CONNECT to the world, and FIND MY TRUTH. And in true rebellious nature, my inner rebel led me back to a tool from my past I thought I’d outgrown. 

There I was, working on my PhD in Mechanical Engineering, priding myself on being oh-so-rational and responsible, and yet I was reaching for my tarot deck. 

Tarot was an old tool for me. One I thought I had rejected. I was first introduced to tarot as a kid, at the tender age of eleven. A friend’s grandmother was a reader, a real old-school psychic. She showed me the deck, explained what the cards meant. The cards were fascinating, gorgeous, layered, & so powerful. But the way I learned to read felt scary, fixed, disempowering, not to mention gendered & normative as fuck. It echoed all the strict rules I was only starting to learn, but were already terrorizing me. I stopped reading cards before I turned 13. 

But my inner rebel brought me back to this tool, the polar opposite of everything I thought I had been building my life toward, the opposite of all the rules I had been fastidiously following. But I could feel the alluring promise of adventure, possibility, truth, something beyond the fixed rules and structures I had been working so hard to live my life by. I took all my analytical scientific training and applied it to learning to read tarot and make magic. I experimented and tested, figured out what worked for me. I created an approach to tarot and magic that empowered me to find a path out of the rules and life-suffocating structures I had been told I had to live under and beyond into the glimmering promise of my own truth and potential. 

This path into the possibility that was beyond the rule-following of consensus reality taught me how to trust my own intuition and make my own way. It was the start of a journey deep into the land of the mystical. The further I journeyed down this path, the more I found that I could slowly build the life I wanted out of the stones of the cage that was the unaligned, disempowered chaos of my rule-following life. I quit my PhD & left behind the high-flying career track that meant I’d have to betray my values to earn a paycheck. I moved back to my home state, back to my roots. I planted a garden & slowed way the fuck down. I started sharing my unique approach to magic with other folks stuck in “the rules” and yearning to find the magic beyond them.

Journeying into the land beyond “the rules” connected me to my magic, helped me heal, embody my gifts, and come into relationship with the vibrant aliveness of the world around me. Now I’m here to empower you to trust your own inner wisdom, build bridges into the unknown, and go beyond what you ever imagined possible  so that you can be in conversation and relationship with the beyond. I’m here to help you learn the tools of spiritual exploration so that you can set off on your own mystical adventure!

I am not the source of information; I am your source of how to get the information. I am not here to tell you what to do; I am here to help you connect to your intuition and your own inner knowing of what needs to be done. Ultimately, I’m here to help you learn to communicate with and explore the beyond.

Because no matter what your goals are in the spiritual realm, you need to be able to connect, communicate and be in relationship with the beyond. If you wanna make magic, embody your gifts, heal ancestral trauma, reclaim lost traditions, find healing, then you’re in the right place! Cuz the first step is to be in communication with the beyond. And I’m here to help you take that first step.

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