BIPOC-Exclusive Sliding Scale

This sliding scale pricing is exclusive for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) booking a Weaving Ancestral Connection session.

Ancestor work is a practice that should be accessible to everyone. Everyone has a right to a vibrant, healing, and radical connection to their ancestors.

There are many ancestor workers of color out there, and if you would like referral to a practitioner of color who offers ancestral connection services, please reach out here. I am happy to refer you to a colleague!

However, if you know that you would like to work with me on your ancestral healing journey, I offer Weaving Ancestral Connection sessions on a sliding scale for BIPOC in recognition of the wealth disparity between white & non-white households in the United States.

Sliding scale is a fee structure where those with few resources pay a lower fee and those with more resources pay a higher fee to access a service. It is one strategy among many for increasing accessibility of a service, in recognition of the many intersecting oppressions of this society.

Here are some guidelines to help you consider where you might pay on the scale. These guidelines are a starting place. I trust you to pay what is in aligned, meaningful, and sustainable for you. I will not follow up or ask any questions about your payment choice.

Based on the guidelines above select where to pay on the scale, and then use one of the following codes when you book your session:

  • BIPOC-ANCESTOR-1 – Use this code to pay $126 for your session
  • BIPOC-ANCESTOR-2 – Use this code to pay $150.75 for your session
  • BIPOC-ANCESTOR-3 – Use this code to pay $175.50 for your session

You can book your session here.

Pay less on the scale if you are BIPOC and you:

  • are transgender, queer, LGBTQ+
  • are chronically ill or disabled
  • are an elder
  • have experienced incarceration
  • are an immigrant
  • have significant debt or no savings
  • do illegal work for survival
  • have dependents
  • receive public assistance
  • lack access to healthcare

Pay higher on the scale if you are BIPOC and you:

  • pay other practitioners full price
  • do not have dependents dependents
  • own your own home
  • have savings or investments
  • travel for leisure
  • have access to family resources in case of hard times
  • have spending money
  • own residential or commercial rental properties
  • experience positional privilege (able-bodied, gender, etc.)

I know that even with this sliding scale pricing, this session may still be out of reach for some. If that is the case for you, please reach out to me via my contact form. I maintain a small scholarship fund and may be able to further defray the cost.