How To Connect With The Earth This Earth Day

Spring is bursting forth all around us right now. The woods are budding green and bursting with growth. Spring bulbs and ephemerals push their brave heads above the earth and into the sunshine of lengthening days. Spring is here! The world bursts forth with growth! As if all of this luscious growth was not enough … Read more

How To Tell If You’re On An Underworld Journey

by Emily Prentice There is an underworld inside all of us. It’s in the foods we eat, in the stories we carry, in the cycles we honor, in the fluctuations we feel. Underworlds are a natural part of life. Think of seasons, soil, moon phases, mycelium networks! If we’re connected to the rest of our … Read more

Witches in Solidarity with Sex Workers

It’s taken me a few days to collect my thoughts on this and put some word together. This is important and I don’t like to rush when things are important. I’m still not sure these are the right words, but they’re the word I have. Last week, OnlyFans announced that they will begin banning sexually … Read more