You are the only tarot authority that matters.

Your intuition, your magic holds the secret to an authentic tarot practice that will guide you toward the action and growth that you dream of.

It’s time to center your own knowing in your tarot practice.

Are you…

  • …returning to the guidebook over and over?
  • …second guessing your intuitive nudges in your readings?
  • …feeling pigeonholed by your cards, fearful that if something bad comes up you can’t do anything about it?
  • …finding yourself ending a reading feeling more powerless than before?
  • …struggling to create tarot meanings that reflect your lived experience?
  • …looking for a tool that will guide you into empowerment, confidence, and action?

Encountering the Tarot is a facilitated encounter between you, your intuition, and the 78 cards of the tarot. Through the 10 weeks of the course you will be guided through exercises, meditations, and group coaching calls that will strengthen your connection to intuition and create your own framework for understanding the tarot, trusting what resonates, and leaving behind what doesn’t.

Tarot is a nearly 600 year old art. It has been invented and re-invented more times than we can know. It’s time to join this great tradition: re-invent it now, for yourself, for your future.

What would be possible for you if you could throw off the constricting harness of outdated colonialist, essentialist, patriarchal, heteronormative paradigms, and create a tarot practice that honors your lived experience and intuitive knowing?

“Lex didn’t give me THE ANSWER but instead gave me a series of questions to help me make up my own mind. It gave me agency and helped me realize what truly aligned with me. It really is a superpower to give space for folks to find their own answers.” – E.

Encounter Your Own Magic

Free of prescriptive notions of how to read tarot or what each card means you are free to dive deep into your own knowing and unleash your magic.

This is not a one-size-fits-all program. You are welcome here in all your uniqueness, in all your authenticity.

There is no one right way to read tarot – not even my way! I will not be giving you MY tarot definitions.

Instead I will be guiding you through my process for crafting your own definitions for each card of the tarot. Through this process you will develop your own relationship with tarot, crafting it into a tool and companion that will help you grow.

This is tarot not just as a tool for divining things about the world, but tarot as a tool for divining things about yourself.

What You Get

In Encountering the Tarot you will move through weekly guided encounters with every single one of the tarot cards.

Each week you will receive a guided meditation, tarot spread, and Tarot Encounter workbooks designed to help you uncover your own tarot symbolism and meanings.

Live calls and bonus lessons guide you more deeply into your knowing.

Week 1 – Deepen into Your Gift

Begin your encounter with the Spirit (Major) Arcana by developing your relationship with The Fool, Magician, and High Priestess card families. This week’s bonus lesson introduces you to the bones of the deck.

Week 2 – Receive Your Magic

Deepen into your journey with The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, and The Lovers card families.
A live coaching call gathers the learning community to share experiences and journey more deeply into their individual tarot practices.

Week 3 – Collaborate Within

Complete your journey with the card families with The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, and The Wheel of Fortune. A bonus lesson introduces you to concepts of queering and unsettling the tarot to help you clear away inherited tarot associations.

Week 4 – Boundaries

Encounter the Swords suit and craft your own understanding of the air element. A live coaching call gathers the learning community to share perspectives on both the Spirit and Mundane Arcana.

Week 5 – Joy in Struggle

Encounter the Wands suit and begin to understand what the fire element means to you.

This week’s bonus lesson guides you through the process of crafting your own personalized tarot practice.

Week 6 – Me to We

Encounter the Cups suit and discover what you know about the water element. The live coaching call gathers students to share experiences and ask questions.

Week 7 – Spiral

Encounter your own knowing about the final suit of the Mundane Arcana: The Pentacles. This week’s bonus lesson provides insight in how to read for others.

Week 8 – Transformative Growth

It’s time to dive deep into the Court Card’s call into growth and embodiment. This week’s live call gathers students together to discuss their own experiences of embodiment and growth – and how all of that informs our understanding of the Court.

Week 9 – Praxis and Promise

This week you will begin the process of integrating all you’ve learned about your intuition and tarot. This week’s exercise will guide you through the process of crafting your own personalized, intuitive tarot framework.

Week 10 – Open and Amplify

The final week continues and finalizes the process of forming your own tarot framework. A live coaching call gathers students one final time to discuss lessons, integrate and close the sacred circle of learning.

Center your own knowing and learn to read tarot YOUR way with Encounter the Tarot.

Hi! I’m Lex. I will be your guide in Encountering the Tarot.

I was first introduced to tarot as a kid, just eleven years old. A friend’s grandmother was a reader, a real old-school psychic. She showed me the deck, explained what the cards meant. The cards were fascinating, gorgeous, layered, & so powerful. I learned to read in her style. Back then, 3 of Swords showed me only heartbreak, betrayal, trauma. The Devil was addiction and pain. It was scary, fixed, disempowering, not to mention gendered & normative as fuck. I stopped reading cards before I turned 13. ⁠⠀

It wasn’t until I was an adult, 26 years old, that I came back to tarot. And when I picked it back up, I made a promise to myself: I would never read with those scary & disempowering definitions ever again. I would read the cards in a way that was liberating, that supported my identity as a queer, disabled, working class person. No longer would I allow myself to be effaced. ⁠I bought myself a deck, one without the fixed and rigid illustrations I had come to know was a kid and I set about making my own tarot meanings.

Now, after years of delving deep into my own knowing and into countless tarot books, classes and resources, I am ready to bring you my method for crafting your own authentic and intuitive tarot framework.

Have you found yourself in a similar place?

  • Your experience not being reflected in the cards or being actively denied by the cards…
  • Feeling constrained by fixed meanings…
  • Struggling to dive deeper into the cards…
  • Clinging to the guidebook…
  • Can’t get past the way the deck still upholds shame, hierarchy, obedience, white supremacy, capitalism…

The truth is you can bring your own tarot practice to life in a way that empowers you, that affirms your lived experience, that deconstructs disempowering beliefs and hierarchies. In this course I guide you through a process for making your own tarot practice.

Are you ready to read tarot your way for yourself and for your future?