Finding Your Folk Magic

This guidebook will show you how to connect to the authentic magic that dwells within you.

“Once upon a time, the world held magic. In the dirt, hollows, mountains and river valleys magic sang forth. But over time, through force, through neglect, through fear and loss that magic became diminished. The world became unenchanted. We are hungering for that enchanted world. And if we’re seeking to cast new spells, we need to leave behind the old spells we grew up learning and return to what is common across all our ancestors: food, community, the altar of the body, the birthright of intuition. That’s what finding your folk magic is all about.“

Are you…

…feeling disconnected from your potential, feeling like something is missing – a connection, a bond, a collaboration?

…ready to live a life enchanted – working in collaboration with the ancestors, nature, the spirits around you, in contact with your own power?

…looking for a structure to hold you as you connect to your power to create healing and change?

Finding Your Folk Magic is a workbook, a treatise, a starting point for your own journey into folk magic. This guide crafts a container that will hold you as you work with the book and beyond it. Learn about the sources of folk magic. Learn how to weave them together in an enchanted collaboration between you, the earth, and your ancestors. Connect to the sources of magic that you have unfettered, abundant, and immanent access to. Craft healing, change, and connection – for yourself and for the collective.

Make YOUR magic.

“Lex didn’t give me THE ANSWER but instead gave me a series of questions to help me make up my own mind. It gave me agency and helped me realize what truly aligned with me.
– Emily

About the Guidebook

Hungry for magic, enchantment, spirit, wonder?  Looking for authentic, practical, effective, empowering magic? Are you ready to engage with and develop your own magic, your own unique way of weaving spells and change in and for your own life? 

Finding Your Folk Magic will connect you with an authentic, effective, powerful, and non-appropriative magic all your own so that you can re-enchant your world and create healing and change. This digital guidebook will show you how to connect more deeply to your magic and help you to weave your own spells!⁠

You don’t need fancy teacher or an expensive course. The threads of folk magic are all around you, in your bones, in your soul. You hold all the power you need to weave your own authentic magic. Let this guidebook show you how. 

What You Get

  • Weave your folk magic – Learn to weave together the sources of ancient enchantment that have survived and thrived – and that you have access to.
  • Discover the magic inside yourself – Reflection questions that help you explore your beliefs, challenge appropriative practices, and discover your own magic.
  • Live your folk magic – Holiday and ritual suggestions show you how you can weave your magic from the mundane.
  • Connect to the elements – A cosmology of folk magic makes the ethereal tangible, facilitating your connection to the elements of folk magic that dwell within you.
  • Dig deeper – A resource list to aid your research so you can deepen your learning.

About the Author

I’m Lex, the resident folk witch around these parts. I was first introduced to folk magic at 10 years old when a friend’s granny introduced me to tarot.

It was impossibly mystical to me at the time, but over 10 years later, I returned to tarot and it grounded me, brought me into and down through myself. To the place where I held my power over my
own life.

Through tarot and folk magic I re-wove my connection to the root of my own power, my ability to take radical and joyous action for the better. I rewrote the rules that kept me small. Now I’m here to help you to rewrite your rules, re-weave your connection, so you can work your own folk magic!

Finding Your Folk Magic was created to help you connect with YOUR magic – the magic of the earth beneath your feet, of your bones, of your soul. It will help you weave a magic all your own.

  • If you’re ready to connect to the ancient sources of enchantment and magic that are just waiting for you to reach out and claim your power…
  • If you’re ready to stop casting the same old spells and start casting spells for a new world, for a world of healing and connection…⁠
  • If you’re ready to weave your spells and get what the fuck you want…⁠

Don’t wait! Dive into this book and FIND YOUR MAGIC!