Honoring Our Queer Ancestors

Radical Ancestor Work for Queer Healing, Liberation, and Celebration

Are you…

  • a radical witch babe curious about ancestor work and ready to approach it from a liberatory perspective?
  • a queer mystic who’s ancestor-work-curious, but weirded out by the blood-line, genealogy, the not-so-covert conservativism of it all & kinda turned off by the idea of worshiping your homophobic, transphobic ancestors?
  • an ancestor work practitioner who wants to broaden their practice beyond simply those who fucked, conceived, begat, and produced heirs?
  • An ally with magical inclinations who wants to grapple with ancestral legacies of homophobia & transphobia and become a better advocate for the queer folks you’re in community with?
  • Looking for a way to get out of the feelings of frozen helplessness when you contemplate the current political situation and into action by tapping into a reservoir of magic, healing, and hope that will support individual and collective queer joy, healing and liberation?

This drastically expanded my consciousness of all the things that had already been possible! I began the course feeling very self-conscious and carried worry that I would inadvertently do something to upset my ancestors. This course not only put my heart at ease, it also allowed me to work through these worries (which, turns out, was connected to ancestral trauma). Lex did a fantastic job holding space and supporting us while we encountered wounds — and helped us identify whether or not we were ready to undertake that particular journey at the time. This was such a wonderful course and really helped me trust myself and my ancestors.

– Emily Corturillo, they/them

Pride is for honoring who we are.

It’s also for honoring the legacies that have allowed us to express the truth of who we are.

Learn To Connect With YOUR Queer Ancestors!

Honoring Our Queer Ancestors is an exploration and reverencing of lineages of queer magic, healing, liberation, and celebration. You’ll learn how to do radical ancestor work to connect with your queer ancestors so that you can access to a reservoir of queer joy, hope, strength, and magic that will help you carry forward the banner of collective liberation. The workshop covers the what, why and how of radical queer ancestor work and you’ll leave the workshop prepared to connect with, celebrate, and honor your queer ancestors.

You’ll learn:

  • Why a radical approach to ancestor work is vital for queer practitioners
  • How radical ancestor work helps heal legacies of capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and related systems of oppression and brings us into deeper connection with nature, ourselves, and our communities
  • Who the queer ancestors are
  • How our queer ancestors are a reservoir of queer hope, healing, magic, strength, and vision for a better future!
  • How to connect with your queer ancestors, honor them, celebrate with them, heal with them, and learn from them!
  • Methods for creating boundaries with harmful ancestors, holding space for healing ancestors, and remediating legacies of harm
  • How you can develop a supportive personal ancestor work practice

You will receive:

  • Recorded workshop that covers the the what, why and how of radical queer ancestor work
  • Resource list to help you deepen your queer ancestor work practice after the workshop!

About Lex

Hi! I’m Lex (they/them)! I am a queer, trans-masculine, neurodivergent, and chronically ill witch. To put it simply, I am a liminally embodied facilitator of liminal experiences! My lived experience has shaped my approach to folk magic and spiritual experience.

Through folk magic, spirit work and tarot I help spiritual rebels, academic witches, and mystical revolutionaries go beyond the conventional, learn to trust their own intuition, and make their own path through the magical realm. Through divination, meditation, and education it is my mission to help folks connect to their own personal wisdom and learn to be in conversation with the beyond so they can be their own guides to mystical exploration!

For the astrologically curious, I’ve got a 12th house Scorpio sun conjunct Mars and Pluto, with Mercury in the 1st house. My calling to work with the dead and my ancestors is written in the stars, to put it a bit dramatically.

I come to this work because my ancestors are deeply intertwined with my magical practice, especially my queer ancestors. It was my queer and otherwise marginalized ancestors who gave me the courage to turn away from approaches to spirituality that denied my truth and didn’t honor my lived experience.

And even as ancestral connection is essential to what I do, I have STRUGGLED with this work. Ancestor work is often conservative, genealogical, and exclusively focused one’s blood lineage as provable by historical documents. Many standard ancestor work classes have been harmful to me and ignored my vital radical, queer, marginalized, neurodivergent, and otherwise deviant ancestors. As a queer person, as a white person whose ancestors hid their origins and traditions so they could assimilate, as a radical who in the depths of my soul is repulsed by conservatism, learning to create an ancestor work practice that both honors my ancestors AND supports my thriving has been a challenge.

Over the years I have developed methods that work for connecting to the ancestors in a way that is rooted in radical values & honors one’s own lived experience. And now I am so excited to share with you all that I have learned about using a radical approach connecting with, healing with, and learning from queer ancestors!

Who ISN’T this workshop for?

If you…

  • …are totally chill with the status quo and don’t really see the problem transphobia, homophobia, and racism in spiritual spaces.
  • …want easy answers, want to be told what to do, or think there’s only one way to do things.
  • …have had a loved one die in the last year and you’re hoping to use ancestor work to connect that one person specifically.

Then this workshop may not be for you!

Who IS this workshop for?

If you…

  • …are ready to make radical magic
  • …want to connect to the amazing ancestors who are excited to connect with you
  • …desire to make the world a better, queerer place with your magic

Then you’re invited to start Honoring Your Queer Ancestors!

Find a reservoir of gay as fuck hope and healing thru radical ancestor work so that you can root into healing magical liberatory work that supports your queer self, your queer community, and your queer ancestors!

If you’re ready to…

  • connect to your queer ancestors – those of your bloodline, of chosen family, and of the collective.
  • celebrate your amazing legacy of queer magic!
  • tap into a powerful reservoir of queer magic that will carry forward the torch of gay liberation, and liberation for all, into the future!

Then join in this exploration and celebration of your queer ancestors!

“I am feeling much more supported and connected to my ancestors. This made possible so much self-forgiveness and collective comfort for my generational lines and I have been able to cultivate love and affirmation to the person I am ready to step into becoming.”

– Giulia, she/her