Intuitive Planning With Tarot

Learn to use tarot to set expansive & magical goals!

Do you…

  • Have a million planners and grand dreams of setting and achieving goals, but can never seem to follow through?
  • Love to dream and create exciting visions for your future, but struggle to actually act on the dreams & visions?
  • Wanna learn how you can dream big dreams and then ACTUALLY ACHIEVE those dreams, in a way that feels natural and intuitive?
  • Have grand dreams that you wanna make happen, but are worried about falling into harmful productivity & hustle mindsets?
  • Wanna learn to use tarot as a tool to get in touch with your true desires so that you can set the goals & make the plans that will help you live them life of your dreams?

Intuitive Planning with Tarot is here to help.

Intuitive Planning with Tarot is a recorded workshop that will introduce you to Lex’s process for using tarot to center in your values, desire, and dreams so that you can set goals that are light you up – without getting caught up in a productivity mindset!

$15+, sliding scale

“I loved the workshop! The recording was perfect because I could pause whenever I needed and really take my time with each step! I’m so excited to move forward with mindset I learned in the workshop. Thank you so much for this!

– Grey

In this workshop, you’ll…

  • Be introduced to Lex’s process for using tarot to intuitively set supportive goals without stress, productivity culture or hustle!
  • Be guided through this process, making your plan & setting your dreams as you go, ending the workshop with an intuitive and magical plan for achieving your dreams!
  • Learn to use tarot to connect to your authentic dreams and desires, and how to transform those dreams and desires into achievable goals!
  • Discover strategies for intuitively tracking and checking in with those goals!

All in an accessible 90-minute workshop!

$15+, sliding scale

Ditch the productivity mindset and learn to set goals that are intuitive, exciting and supportive for you!

Who this workshop isn’t for…

  • You’re totally new to tarot. This workshops assumes a basic familiarity with tarot. (If you are totally new to tarot check out my Tarot in Two Steps Workshop!)
  • You’re looking for “right answers” and are uninterested in learning to use tarot to make exciting new discoveries about your inner self, desires, & goals.
  • You think tarot is a fixed thing with fixed meanings that should not be interpreted, updated, or given personal inflection.
  • You love rigid, fixed structures for goals and conventional productivity-mindset goal-setting works great for you.
  • You’re a bigoted person who doesn’t want to learn from a trans, queer, neurodivergent teacher who teaches in an inclusive way.

Who this workshop is for…

  • You have at least beginner’s familiarity with tarot – you can pull cards and have a basic idea of what they mean. (Though you may still be consulting your guidebook!)
  • You’re an intuitive person with big dreams who is struggling to set goals that actually feel achievable for you!
  • You’re ready to learn a new model for goal setting that is intuitive and magical!

$15+, sliding scale

About Lex

Hi! I’m Lex (they/them)! I am a queer, trans-masculine, neurodivergent, and chronically ill witch. To put it simply, I am a liminally embodied facilitator of liminal experiences! My lived experience has shaped my approach to folk magic and spiritual experience.

A photo of a white, non-binary person with medium-length curly hair in the woods in the autumn..

Through folk magic, spirit work and tarot I help spiritual rebels, academic witches, and mystical revolutionaries go beyond the conventional, learn to trust their own intuition, and make their own path through the magical realm. Through divination, meditation, and education it is my mission to help folks connect to their own personal wisdom and learn to be in conversation with the beyond so they can be their own guides to mystical exploration!

I am a planner-nerd with ADHD! The classic (and SO BORING!) planning advice of “measurable and achievable” was never gonna work for me. My soul’s desires are not measurable or quantifiable. Hell, they may not even be achievable, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be amazing, fulfilling, wonderful, and fun as all heck to try!

Over the years, I have found that a process for flexible and intuitive and soul-led goal-setting is one that has helped me grow in ways I couldn’t have anticipated or accommodated if I’d stuck with a more mundane method of goal-setting. The mundane advice of “quantifiable, measurable, and achievable” just doesn’t suit me!

So, over the years I’ve spent time developing a process for setting wild & soul-inspiring goals through intuitive collaboration with tarot. Which is what I teach in this workshop!

This goal-setting process is the same one I use to set my personal goals and the one I use to plan my business! I has helped me make my wildest dreams come true! And that’s why I am so honored to be offering it in an accessible workshop format now!

$15+, sliding scale

If you’re ready to…

  • embrace your own authentic dreams and desires when setting your goals!
  • learn a supportive framework for setting intuitive goals that you’ll actually be able to stick to – without shame and without hustle!
  • ditch the productivity mindset and learn to set goals that are intuitive, exciting and supportive for you!
  • actually set those goals and start making your dreams a reality!

Then the Intuitive Planning With Tarot workshop is for you!

$15+, sliding scale

“I just finished the workshop and it was so helpful!!! I struggle to structure goals (ADHD brain LOL). The way you broke it all down into small pieces was great for me! Thank you!”

– P.