tarot education

Encountering the Tarot

It’s time to center your own knowing in your tarot practice. Encountering the Tarot is a facilitated encounter between you, your intuition, and the 78 cards of the tarot. Through the 10 weeks of the course you will be guided through exercises, meditations, and group coaching calls that will strengthen your connection to intuition and create your own framework for understanding the tarot, trusting what resonates, and leaving behind what doesn’t.

folk magic

Finding Your Folk Magic

Finding Your Folk Magic is a workbook, a treatise, a starting point for your own journey into folk magic. This guide crafts a container that will hold you as you work with the book and beyond it. Learn about the sources of folk magic. Learn how to weave them together in an enchanted collaboration between you, the earth, and your ancestors. Connect to the sources of magic that you have unfettered, abundant, and immanent access to. Craft healing, change, and connection – for yourself and for the collective.