Spiritual & Tarot Education

Learn to connect with your inner wisdom so you can journey into the magic beyond the conventional!

Honoring Our Queer Ancestors

Honoring Our Queer Ancestors is an exploration and reverencing of lineages of queer magic, healing, liberation, and celebration. You’ll learn how to do radical ancestor work to connect with your queer ancestors so that you can access to a reservoir of queer joy, hope, strength, and magic that will help you carry forward the banner of collective liberation. The workshop covers the what, why and how of radical queer ancestor work and you’ll leave the workshop prepared to connect with, celebrate, and honor your queer ancestors.

Tarot in Two Steps

Learn the essential tarot frameworks so that you can read tarot YOUR WAY, intuitively, without the guidebook, in no time!

Whether you are…

  • new to tarot and want to learn tarot as a tool for empowerment, confidence, magic, planning and guidance
  • familiar with tarot but keep second guessing your intuitive nudges, instead returning to the guidebook over and over
  • a long-time tarot aficionado, but are struggling with the aspects of tarot that don’t jive with your values & your lived experience

If you want to embrace your OWN intuition & magic when you’re reading tarot then this workshop is for you! You’ll learn what tarot is, the essential frameworks for reading tarot intuitively, and you’ll be guided to discover what those frameworks mean for you, in this 90 minute workshop!

Intuitive Planning With Tarot

Learn to use tarot to set expansive & magical goals – without shame-based productivity mindset!

Whether you…

  • Have a million planners and grand dreams of setting and achieving goals, but can never seem to follow through, or…
  • Love to dream and create exciting visions for your future, but struggle to actually act on the dreams & visions, or…
  • Have grand dreams that you wanna make happen, but are worried about falling into harmful productivity & hustle mindsets…

If you wanna learn to use tarot as a tool to get in touch with your true desires so that you can set the goals & make the plans that will help you live them life of your dreams, then this workshop is for you! This is an interactive workshop! Not only will you be learning Lex’s process – you’ll be guided through it, making your plan & setting your dreams as you go. You’ll finish the workshop with an intuitive and magical plan for your New Year (or whenever you’re completing this workshop)!

“Lex didn’t give me THE ANSWER but instead gave me a series of questions to help me make up my own mind. It gave me agency and helped me realize what truly aligned with me. It really is a superpower to give space for folks to find their own answers.”

– Emily P.

Finding Your Folk Magic

Finding Your Folk Magic is a workbook, a treatise, a starting point for your own journey into folk magic. This guide crafts a container that will hold you as you work with the book and beyond it. Learn about the sources of folk magic. Learn how to weave them together in an enchanted collaboration between you, the earth, and your ancestors. Connect to the sources of magic that you have unfettered, abundant, and immanent access to. Craft healing, change, and connection – for yourself and for the collective.

“Through Lex’s guiding hand, with the context of ritual, journaling, imagery (and so much more!) I rewrote my story. To be guided into my OWN power and creating my OWN story was a revelation. I loved the fact that Lex was there to listen and guide, not preach. They held amazing space for my own personal wisdom and power to come through. I feel prepared to view challenges as guide, mentor, and medicine, rather than frightening circumstance.
If you’re looking for an experience with your magic, and a guide to your own inner wisdom rather than feeling TOLD what do do, I highly recommend Lex as mentor. I’m so grateful they were able to (gently!) motivate me and hold space for such an intimidating journey!”

– Peach