Lex Ritchie (they/them) is a facilitator of liminal experiences. They offer queer magical experiences for connecting to your intuition and exploring the beyond! Through folk magic, spirit work and tarot they help spiritual rebels, academic witches, and mystical revolutionaries go beyond the conventional, learn to trust their own intuition, and make their own path through the magical realm. It is their mission to help folks connect to their own wisdom and learn to be in conversation with the beyond so they can be their own guides to mystical exploration! They can be found online at, and on IG & Twitter @thelexritchie.


The Gorgon’s Guide To Magical Resistance, ed. Laura Tempest Zakroff

“Invoking the Ancestors of Revolution –
A Spell to Support Your Radical Dreams & Actions” by Lex Ritchie.
Revelore Press.

“Yes, witches celebrate Halloween, but not how you think. Learn more about how covens observe the day.”
by Jamie Davis Smith

Podcast Interviews

The Longer Road

Episode 41: Healing The Liminal with Lex Ritchie

On Mattia Mauree’s podcast, Lex and Mattia talk about finding your own winding path, trusting yourself, and the many ways that capitalist ethos has infiltrated spirituality.

Snort and Cackle

Season 3, Episode 9: Finding Ancestors

Interviewed by Ash Alberg, fiber witch extraordinaire, Lex and Ash chat about gender, magic, & doing ancestor work as queer people.

Heathen’s Journey

Season 1, Episode 26: Queering Ancestor Work

Siri and Lex talk about ancestor work – including some ways for those who are new to ancestor work to get started.

Season 2, Episode 3: Radical Underworlds with Lex Ritchie

Siri & Lex talk about all things Underworld. Lex shares wisdom from their wealth of knowledge about the Underwolrd, tells a queered version of the Persephone myth, and talks about the Underworld as a threat to capitalism.

Creative Nature

Episode 128: Tarot, Personal Power & Folk Magic

In this generous conversation, Yarrow and Lex talk about finding our own ways towards liberatory and healing practices, queerness & neurodivergence & liminality as a source of magic, navigating pandemic challenges.

Intuitive Wellness

Folk Magic, Personal Power and Creating Your Own Labels

On this episode, Lali and Samara talk with Lex about their definition of folk magic, how to use tarot as a tool for self-empowerment, and creating your own labels in terms of tarot card groups, gender, and life philosophies.

Sacred Adventure Begin

Folk Magic and Tarot

Emily interviews Lex in a conversation about growing up in the Rustbelt, making life pivots, and coming to discover magic and one’s purpose with folk magic and Tarot!

Living Open

Episode 188: Folk Magic + Tarot for Personal Power

“I work with the tarot as a folk art that allows us to access magic and specifically folk magic, a magic that arises from a collaboration between ourselves, the essence of us within us, and the nature around us and our life experiences and the experiences we’ve inherited from our ancestors.”

In this episode, Lex and Eryn talk about tarot as a folk art, folk magic as a tool for people’s power, court card & hierarchies, tarot reflecting lived experience, Sword in the tarot, The Devil card, and more!

Tarot Bytes

Episode 183: Tarot and Folk Magic

Long time tarot readers know that the cards can be a potent tool for transformation. Combine them with folk magic and you’ve got a recipe for healing and radical change. In this episode of Tarot Bytes, folk magic educator Lex Ritchie joins me to talk about how tarot and folk magic create the perfect blend for an empowered life.

Lex explains what folk magic is, how to incorporate it into your tarot practice, and more. If you are curious about applying folk magic techniques to your life, you’ll love this episode!