Meditation for Weirdos

Learn the what and why of meditation and build a meditation practice that works for YOU so that you can cultivate mindful connection.

22 July, 6-8pm ET (recorded)


Do you…

  • Dream of mindfully connecting with spirit, your guides, magic, nature, the universe on a regular basis but struggle with conventional meditation practices?
  • Feel like you just CAN’T meditate, but aspire to be able to be present with what is and the potential for change and transformation?
  • Have a weird brain that won’t let you sit still, and wish you could believe in yourself and your practices, even if they’re a bit unconventional?

Meditation sucks.

It’s hard, inscrutable, painful. And it’s darn near impossible to find advice on meditation that’ll work for you if you have a brain that works a bit differently.

But, it’s also an essential skill for witches and spiritual folks. By definition, meditation is contemplation, reflection, or devotion in order to reach heightened spiritual awareness or growth. So, if you’re on a magical or spiritual path and you don’t meditate, you’re not gonna go too far.

Meditation doesn’t have to be hard or painful.

The good news is that meditation doesn’t have to look like the sit-down-and-do-nothing zen style meditation that is often presented as the only way to meditate. Because let’s be real – that way of meditating just doesn’t work for many of us. Especially if you’re neurodivergent, busy as fuck, dealing with trauma, etc. that shit probably isn’t gonna work. And that’s ok!

You CAN learn to meditate, find connection and insight, consistently and easily, while accommodating your brain.

Meditation isn’t impossible for us weirdos, it just takes a different approach!

Meditation for Weirdos is here to help you find that different approach.

During the workshop you’ll learn to build a weird meditation practice that works for your weird brain so that you can have a consistent practice that connects you to your true self, to your guides, and to your magic. By learning the what and why of meditation, you can build a meditation practice that works for YOU.

I used to suck at meditating.

In college, I took a class on Zen Buddhism. The class had an experiential portion. Once a week we’d sit on cushions and breathe, in silence. Or, at least externally silent. Because my brain, COULD NOT WOULD NOT shut up.

On and on and on. Useless stuff. Pointless stuff. And sometimes important, meaningful, insightful stuff. Going around my head like an endless merry go-round. And there was no amount of “Empty your mind”, “Release the thoughts that surface” platitudes that could fix it. That’s just the way ADHD brains work. I felt like an idiot. I felt like I couldn’t meditate. I felt broken.

I was diagnosed with ADHD not too long after that class ended and realized that there was nothing wrong with me. My brain just doesn’t work like most people’s.

Then, when I got into spirituality and folk magic, I discovered that in order to progress I would need to find ways of meditating that didn’t make me feel like a broken person. So, I began to start the process of trial-and-error experimentation into finding a meditation practice that DID work for me.

I learned to let it be weird, let it be experimental, let it be me. But it took a lot of trial and error, a lot of failure, a lot of reflection on what exactly IS meditation to get here. And what works for my weirdo brain probably won’t work for you. Which is why I’m teaching Meditation for Weirdos – so you can learn the what and why of meditation and begin to craft a meditation practice that works for you!

Ready to learn how to establish a consistent, meaningful meditation practice that works for you and helps live a magical life tuned into your deep internal knowing?