Re-Imagine Mentorship

Change your life to change the world…

Because your enchantment and liberation creates collective enchantment and liberation…

You are magic.

This world that we live in is magical. If you wanna be a part of this world, if you wanna be a part of weaving a better future for this world, you gotta acknowledge that living in this magical world means you are magical, too.⁠

You are magical enough. You are powerful enough. ⁠
You can dream big. Your big dreams will lead to big action. You will change the world.⁠⁠
You’re the acorn, full of magical potential, just waiting for the right environment, the right container to nurture you.⁠

The Re-imagine Mentorship is that container. Re-connect you with your potential, your magic, your power. Dream big, make magic & make change. ⁠Make the magic that moves your dreams from idea to action to reality.⁠

What if you could live your life?

What if you could make your own choices?

What if you could break the rules?

The world needs your magic. So make YOUR MAGIC!

You try spells you find on the internet, listen to Youtube guided visualizations, you follow ritual guides you find on IG. ⁠But you’re not getting the results you’re hoping for. You want an authentic magic that feeds and heals your soul, that creates radical change and growth in your life but what you’re doing is just…falling flat. ⁠

The problem is that you’re ignoring the unique magic you have in your soul – YOUR MAGIC.  ⁠

Only reaching outside of yourself for magic, only following other’s rituals and never listening to what your own magic needs, refusing to reach within for the magic that is inside of you perpetuates the harmful behaviors of our capitalist-colonialist systems. It doesn’t weave new spells. It doesn’t create enchantment. It doesn’t feed liberation. And it doesn’t honor the magic that you have to share. ⁠You do not have to siphon off the magic of nature or the magic of your ancestors or the magic of anything or anyone else

This magic within you that you’re ignoring will make your soul sing. Within you is a unique magic all your own, a magic that will help you to unleash your wildest dreams, your most abundant potential on the world. ⁠ When you don’t access it, when you lock it away, rejecting the gift of your magic, of course someone else’s magic isn’t working for you! ⁠

Your magic is calling to you. Stop ignoring it. You have so much to share and the world needs you to share it. So stop casting other’s spells and make your own!⁠

You are magical. Deep inside of you is a capacity for change, an ability to weave connections, to remake the world around you. And you need to claim your authority to wield it. Because the world needs magic, yes. But more importantly, it needs YOUR magic.

Authority is power. Literally. Merriam-Webster’s has got it down as ”power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior.” 

You are powerful. You are an authority. And you’ll be ready to confidently claim that by the end of this mentorship 

I followed the rules once.

Once upon a time, I was getting my PhD in Engineering, hiding my queerness, neurodivergence, learning disability, and my witchiness. I was constantly exhausted from denying myself at the most basic level, trying to be someone entirely different, and betraying my values every day.

Mentally and physically exhausted, I struggled with a deeply unfulfilling feeling like it was all wrong and I was powerless to fix it. But I felt the lie of this deep in my soul.

Deep inside me there was something that refused to believe that I was powerless to do anything about the way things were. I knew there HAD to be a way that I could live my values, that I could be present for life, AND to take ACTION and make CHANGE in my life and my world.

Luckily, I bought myself a tarot deck and I began the journey l that brought me back to myself. That’s how I create the structure I’m going to teach in the Re-imagine Mentorship. This is a framework for claiming your authority to make magic and align your life with your desires, for making YOUR magic in a way that makes change for you and your world.

Are you…

  • …reading books on magic but not finding anything that actually works for you in practice?
  • …casting pre-written spells but not finding that deep and true connection you’re looking for?
  • …dreaming of magic that ACTUALLY works for you, instead of just *sort of* working?
  • ⁠…sick of scrolling through Pinterest looking for that *one* perfect tarot spread or full moon ritual guide instead of actually making magic that lights up your soul?⁠
  • ⁠…wishing you could feel the thrill and connection of magic during your daily life instead of just during ritual?⁠
  • ⁠…searching for a sense of direction and purpose in your magical practice?
  • …wanna get what the fuck you want with ease (cuz, after all, what else is magic than getting your way without having to engage with capitalist ideas of “earning it”)?⁠

You’ve read through all the books you can get your hands on. You follow so many witches on IG. You make your magic at the new and full moons.

But something just…doesn’t feel right. You’re making magic sure, but it’s not YOUR magic. It doesn’t come from your heart, from your soul.

Ready to connect to magic that makes change for you and your world?

The Re-Imagining Framework

In your mentorship you will be guided through the Re-imagining Framework, my system for connecting to your magic and power and then making the magic, claiming the power to make your dreams comes true. This is the system I developed as I experimented, tested, and iterated in leaving behind my disempowering life, connecting to magic and building the life I wanted.

The Re-Imagining Framework is a flexible structure here to help you orient, focus, dream and then take action, make magic that makes change and make those dreams a reality! It is a practical structure for holistic magic making that truly makes change. Weaving together the spiritual and the mundane, you’ll stop fucking around and start getting serious about your magic so that you can cast spells that make your dreams for your life and the world into reality.

Re-imagining is not daydreaming: to re-imagine is to pair dreaming with action.


First, get to the root of what has you feeling powerless or stuck. It’s time to get clear on what is pissing you off, making you feel powerless, or stuck. You gotta get to the root to uproot it and make room for new growth.


Then, make a plan to calm yourself down when your magic-making freaks you the fuck out. Pulling up the weeds that crowd out your growth can be challenging. You might feel anxiety. You might feel like you can’t do it. When your brain is freaking the fuck out, how are you gonna calm down and stay the course? We’ll work together to craft a strategy that weave together both the practical and mundane, so that you can keep growing and keep making your magic, even when your brain wants you to stop.


Identify the new possibility you’re ready to bring into reality. How are you going to re-imagine what is possible in this realm? What are you going to re-imagine? Before you can bring new realities into being, you must first know what you desire.


Remake reality. One tiny, small, itty bitty action at a time. It’s time to take it, do it, make it. Because, after all, magic is made. So if you want to see your magic making change in the world, you gotta make it.


This doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time! You’re gonna get distracted; you’re gonna stray from the path. But, if you know that there will be distractions and wanderings, then you can anticipate that. Make a plan to come back to your magic so that you can keep growing and keep developing.

Connect to that thing that’s pulling on your soul, articulate it, and work to bring it into the world, through magic and through action.

Magic needs a focus, an intention. What will be your focus for the process of connecting to and learning your magic?

  • What’s pulling on your soul?
  • What is asking to be created by you that you know, if you created it, it would fill you with so much joy and fulfillment and purpose?
  • What is the one thing that you desire in such a way that it transcends desire and becomes a NEED at the soul level? Just a little thing that’s a part of what you’re here to do, that’s a part of your purpose here on this earth, in this lifetime?

Maybe you can’t quite articulate it – yet – but if these words stir that thing within you, whatever it may be, that’s what we’ll be focusing your magic towards in this mentorship. Because all magic, every spell needs an intention. And what a better intention for a magical mentorship than to begin to bring your soul purpose into material reality!

The Re-imagine Mentorship is a magic mentorship. You’re gonna be learning how to make magic by focusing on a particular thing you want to shift, create, manifest. But I’m not going to be teaching you how I make magic. I’m going to be helping you connect to YOUR magic, so let that connection take root in your desire, your dreams, your heart.

“[Magic was] an illicit form of power and an instrument to obtain what one wanted without work.” – Silvia Federici

What Is The Re-Imagine Mentorship?

Big Dreaming Session to Help You Fully Re-Imagine Possibility

We’ll get started right away by diving into the big stuff: How do you feel your magic? How do you wish you could feel your magic? What do you dream of?

No, really, what would dream of if someone else gave you permission to dream a dream for your life as big as the sky, as expansive as magic itself? How much more would you be dreaming for yourself, for the world?

We’re gonna start out by getting you to dream your most radical, healing dream and we’re gonna use it as our start place for this facilitated encounter between you and your magic.

8 Weekly Mentorship Calls

Each week, we’ll meet for an hour on in virtual space on Zoom to chat, review, regroup, and refocus. Finding your magic is experimental. It is iterative. It is a process. And here, you’ll be processing, getting advice, revisiting and improving your plan of action for finding your magic and re-imagining what is possible for your life!

Immersion and Guidance Through A Proven Structure for Making Your Magic

The Re-imagine Mentorship is rooted in the Re-Imagining Framework, a flexible structure here to help you make magic by orienting, focusing, dreaming, and then TAKING ACTION to make magic that makes change that makes your dreams a reality!

This structure is the result of my own testing and experimentation, as I used it to go from closeted queer witch trying desperately to fit into straight-laced neurotypical academia to out-and-proud business owner who still as time for activism and the things in life that matter deeply to me. It is a system whose transformation has been evidenced in tarot readings rooted in re-imagining for my students and clients.

Recording of All Our Calls to Keep Forever

Note taking is amazing, but have you ever gone back to old notes and just kinda scratched your head? No worries! You’ll have a recording available to you for as long as technology functions, so that you can go back and hear it exactly as it was said!

Customized Magical Support for Your Goals

We’ve all got that one thing pulling on our soul, asking to be brought into reality, to be realized.

All magic needs an intention – including the learning of magic! And what a better intention for a magical mentorship than to begin to bring your soul purpose into material reality!

But you’re not gonna be solely responsible for planning, creating, crafting, manifesting that work. You’ll have access to me for support, suggestions, advice, guidance, as a sounding board, and helping hand in creating magic to support your intention for the mentorship.

Unlimited Text and Voice Coaching through Signal

This mentorship guides you through a process of growth and change and that process doesn’t just happen during mentorship calls! You’ll be LIVING it each day. So, inevitably stuff is gonna come up between calls. If you’ve got a question, something you’re wondering about or struggling with, when anxiety strikes during the two months of the mentorship you’ll have access to me through Signal, a messaging app that similar to What’s App, but isn’t owned by Facebook! Just shoot me a text or voice message and you’ll have a reply within 24 hours!

Investment: $1299 / 3 payments of $455 / 5 payments of $273

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?


  • …you’re yearning for connection and confidence in your personal power to take action and make change…
  • …you’re looking at the world around you, that you were told is just the way it is, seeing that you’ve been lied to and wishing you could DO SOMETHING about it…
  • …you’re wishing you could confidently access your magic at any time to weave spells of deep connection and enchantment…

Then, this mentorship is for you.

The Re-imagine Mentorship is for witches, new and experienced, who are ready to delve deep and connect to THEIR OWN magic. Maybe you’ve experimented with nature magic, moon magic, money magic, ancestor magic. You’re making magic, that’s for sure. But is it YOUR magic? Does it come from YOUR heart, YOUR heart, YOUR soul?

If you want to stop the pattern of entitlement, taking whatever you want, taking magic from nature, the moon, ancestors, etc. and instead you’d like to offer up your own magic, weave it in collaboration and relationship with these other spirits so that you can make magic that serves all, not just yourself. Not only that, but you’ll make stronger magic because you’ve woven something of yourself into it.

Who is this NOT for?

This isn’t for you if you want to be told WHAT to do. I’m not going to give you a step-by-step guide to making magic. That’s not what this mentorship is for. It’s not as simple as “Do what I tell you and all your dreams will come true.” This mentorship is space for you to be guided and to guide yourself through the experimental process of coming to know your own magic. It’s also not for you if you don’t think you’re powerful and aren’t willing to entertain the idea that you might actually be very powerful indeed. This mentorship is a container for exploration and if you’re not ready and willing to explore and gently expand your boundaries and power (with loving support!), then this mentorship isn’t for you. And finally, it is not for you if you don’t believe that you should take responsibility for that power to craft a better world. 

What do you mean when you say magic?

When I talk about magic, I’m working with a couple of definitions. First of all, magic is any hidden, unseen, or unlikely connection between two or more things. And witchcraft, i.e. making magic, is the manipulation of those unlikely connections. Another definition I work with is this: Magic is the idea that you are powerful. Witchcraft is the practice of acting as if you are powerful. Magic is an idea, a theory. Witchcraft is the practice, the praxis of that idea that you are powerful. Magic is the idea that you are powerful, the notion you can create change, and the intention to get exactly what the fuck you want with ease. Witchcraft is acting on that idea, taking responsibility for your power, accepting your authority. And in this mentorship we’ll be exploring both theory and praxis, the idea that you might be powerful, and the practice of finding your own path into that power. 

About Your Guide

Oh, hey! That would be me!

I’m Lex, the resident folk witch around these parts. I was first introduced to folk magic at 10 years old when a friend’s granny introduced me to tarot.

It was impossibly mystical to me at the time, but over 10 years later, I returned to tarot and it grounded me, brought me into and down through myself. To the place where I held my power over my own life.

Through tarot and folk magic I re-wove my connection to the root of my own power, my ability to take radical and joyous action for the better. I rewrote the rules that kept me small. Now I’m here to help you to rewrite your rules, re-weave your connection, so you can work your own folk magic!

You see, four years ago I was stuck in a PhD program, exhausted, hiding myself, on the other side of the country from the land and the people that I loved, feeling totally powerless and unable to do a single thing about it.

But I felt the lie deep in my soul. There HAD to be a way that I could live my values, be present for life, AND to take ACTION and make CHANGE in my life and my world. That’s when I returned to the folk magic I learned in my childhood.

Slowly, out of that disempowered chaos, I built the life I wanted. I quit my PhD, left behind the fancy career track that meant I’d have to betray my values to earn a paycheck, and moved back to my home state. I planted a garden, slowed way the fuck down, and created my own business.

And all through that process, I was trying, testing, experiment, iterating and creating a STRUCTURE for connecting to your magic and power and then making the magic, claiming the power to make your dreams comes true.

That’s how I create the structure of the Re-Imagine Mentorship. This is a framework for making YOUR folk magic in a way that makes change for you and your world.

My journey through magic began in the folk magic of my childhood in a working-class Italian-American family in Appalachia. I come to making magic this way through both formal and informal study: from the superstitions of my grandmothers to formal initiatory study in modern traditional witchcraft. My methods are inevitably influenced by my lived experience as a scientist and STEM PhD student – making magic is the grandest experiment there is!

This program includes…

  • 8 weekly mentorship calls
  • Big dreaming session to help you fully re-imagine possibility
  • Immersion and guidance through this proven magical life transformation structure
  • Recordings of all our calls to keep forever
  • Customized magical support for your goals
  • Unlimited coaching support for the duration of the program through Signal

Investment: $1299 / 3 payments of $455 / 5 payments of $273