The Non-Binary Moon

Lunar Lessons from Beyond the Binary

10 September, 1pm ET

Are you…

  • a radical witch babe who wants a lunar practice that reflects YOUR embodiment?
  • a queer mystic struggling to work with the moon given its associations with a binary ‘divine feminine?
  • an astrologer curious about expanding your understanding of the moon to create a more inclusive practice to better serve clients who don’t resonate with archetypally feminine language?
  • a woman or femme who finds feminine associations with the moon empowering, and wants to know how to hold that experience alongside the truth that the moon is for everyone?
  • committed to solidarity with trans folks and interesting in uncovering where oppressive understandings of gender might have accidentally snuck into your lunar practice?
  • looking for a liberatory way to work with the moon that connects you to both your inner magic and to the divine magic of the universe?

The Moon is…

  • a divine facilitator between terrestrial and celestial
  • ever-shifting, ever-cycling – a shapeshifter
  • a reflector of light, offering alternative perspectives to the mainstream
  • a steadfast, non-linear observer of hidden things
  • a changing guide for changing times, guiding us through shifts and helping to find light in the darkness
  • An invitation

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The Moon Is Not A Lady.

The Moon is inviting you into an expansive understanding of your own embodiment. An understanding beyond human constructions like gender.

And yet, so much of the discussion about the moon remains rooted in the gender binary. If the moon is beyond gender, why do they only get discussed in feminine terms?

Well, we’re sick of it!

As non-binary practitioners who’ve been called into lunar work we sensed that there’s more to the moon. In our explorations we discovered more than we could have imagined. Now, we want to share what we’ve found. We invite you on an exploration of the moon beyond the confines of gender. Join us as we share our discoveries about the non-binary moon!

$35 / $55 / $75

Use code NEWMOON to pay $35. Use code WAXINGMOON to pay $55.

The Moon Is A Divine Facilitator Of Magic.

The moon is often associated in spiritual and healing practices with the “Divine Feminine” and with gendered understandings of nurturing, caregiving, menstruation, and mothering. While many women resonate with this archetype and find empowerment in working with the moon, this binary lens doesn’t serve all women and can be alienating to non-binary, queer, and trans folks of all genders, as well as inaccessible for some men.

We want to move beyond a “divine gender binary” and queer the moon through exploring an alternate view of the moon as non-binary. We’ve found that even the simplest observable aspects of the moon resonate with aspects of non-binary human experience and a queer, non-binary worldview more broadly. And if traditional lunar associations serve you, you don’t have to let them go: this is about expansive interpretation that allows everyone to form a personal relationship with the moon!

About The Workshop

The Non-Binary Moon is an exploration of the moon beyond binary gender and an investigation of lunar lessons around self-knowledge, embodiment, and cyclical honoring. You’ll learn about the moon’s cycle, the moon’s mystical symbolism, the moon in astrology, historic examples of the moon beyond the Divine Feminine, and how to put it all together into practice. This workshop will cover everything from why a non-binary understanding of the moon matters to how to actually put it into practice and develop your own understanding of the non-binary moon.

You’ll learn…

  • How rigid understandings of gender in spiritual spaces are a product of our society and are not inherent to magic, spiritual practice, or the moon
  • The magic of ‘queering’ and the historical precedent of queerness as a gateway to the sacred
  • Frameworks for thinking about the moon beyond the gender binary
  • How to build your own relationship with the moon in a way that honors your identity and lifestyle – no more feeling guilty for ‘missing’ a full moon ritual!

You’ll receive…

  • Access to the live workshop held over Zoom on 10 September at 1pm ET
  • Access to the workshop recording
  • A resource list to help you deepen your non-binary lunar practice after the workshop ends

Live captions through Zoom are available. Let us know if there are any other ways we can make the workshop more accessible to you!

$35 / $55 / $75

Use code NEWMOON to pay $35. Use code WAXINGMOON to pay $55.

The Moon wants to know you in your authentic expression.

The Moon wants you to know its authentic expression.

“I loved that this didn’t provide THE ANSWER but instead gave me a series of questions to help me make up my own mind. It gave me agency instead of a false sense of certainty & that was exactly what I needed!”

– Emily Prentice

About Your Guides

Lex Ritchie (they/them) is a facilitator of liminal experiences. Through folk magic, spirit work and tarot they help spiritual rebels, academic witches, and mystical revolutionaries go beyond the conventional, learn to trust their own intuition, and make their own path through the magical realm. Through divination, meditation, and education it is their mission to help folks connect to their own wisdom and learn to be in conversation with the beyond so they can be their own guides to mystical exploration!

Avory Faucette (zie/hir) is a writer and a change doula, helping justice-aligned neurodivergent and nerdy humans cultivate ease and self-trust for growing into our emerging future. Zie draws on an interdisciplinary lineage that includes tarot, astrology, mindfulness, data and systems, queer theory, disability justice, emergent strategy, and sacred economics. Avory is passionate about finding new ways to embody anti-capitalism and anti-racism in hir work, including destabilizing hierarchies of practitioner vs. client. Zie serves from a place of curiosity and desire to support others’ autonomous healing, drawing from hir own journeys of healing and identity exploration as a trans, queer, neuroemergent, and chronically ill person.

Join us on this journey beyond the binary into the world of embodied wisdom and ancient possibility with the moon!

If you’re ready to…

  • create a lunar practice that teaches you about non-linearity, shapeshifting, and the forgotten language of the unseen
  • go beyond the “Divine Feminine” and see what the moon has to share with you about your unique embodiment
  • create an inclusive lunar magic or astrology practice
  • uproot the oppressive aspects of the gender binary from your practice
  • connect to your authentic, embodied magic and the celestial magic of the universe

Then you’re invited to join us in exploring the moon beyond the binary!

$35 / $55 / $75

Use code NEWMOON to pay $35. Use code WAXINGMOON to pay $55.

“This drastically expanded my consciousness of all the things that had already been possible! I began the course feeling very self-conscious but the course not only put my heart at ease, it also allowed me to work through these worries. Lex did a fantastic job holding space and supporting us and helped us identify whether or not we were ready to undertake that particular journey at the time. This was such a wonderful course and really helped me trust myself.”

– Emily Corturillo