Get Connected To Your Queer Ancestors!

The Queer Ancestor Work Resource guide is a FREE collection of resources that will connect you to the history, practices, theory, and inspiration you need to start your queer ancestor work practice! (Or to queer an existing ancestor work practice! ?)

Radical ancestor work connects you with your ancestors so that you can access to a reservoir of joy, hope, strength, and magic that will help you life your best life & carry forward the banner of collective liberation! Get the free Radical Queer Ancestor Work Resource Guide!

Whether you are queer, trans, LGBTQIA+, or not this resource guide will help you connect to your ancestors & cultivate an ancestor work practice without the outdated colonialist, essentialist, patriarchal, heteronormative constructions that are all too common in ancestor work! Because you deserve an ancestor work practice that is true and life-affirming for you!