Radical Ancestor Work is for the People – Including You!

Ancestor work is an amazing well of magical potential. If you want to heal the ways this world has traumatized you, if you want to heal the ways this world traumatized your ancestors, if you want to reclaim lost traditions, if you want to be in right relationship with the earth, if you want magic … Read more

What is the Underworld in Witchcraft & Spirituality?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the underworld lately. Partly because I just ran a course on ancestor work that I called Underworld Journey, that was all about exploring and getting to know your own personal underworld. Partly because I’m working on a collaboration that’s all about underworld explorations! And it’s got me thinking: what … Read more

6 of Swords: Death Work in Service of Life

I gave a reading yesterday. And the reading was beautiful and amazing and so much healing came through for the client. Among the many cards I pulled, one of the central cards in the reading was the 6 of Swords. And I wasn’t at all surprised to see it there, but I was a little … Read more