Your Magic Can Make The Future

Note: This post is adapted from something I shared in the Liminal Letters email newsletter. Liminal Letters is a free weekly love letter from beyond. In it I share the messy thoughts about magic + the liminal that I am still mulling, rock-tumbling, and composting. I (almost) never share what I write for Liminal Letters … Read more

Ancestor Work When You Don’t Know Your Heritage

There are so many reasons you might not know where your ancestor are from. Adoption, the trauma of the enforced-forgetting of assimilation, the fact that for much of the history of this country the only people about whom records were kept were white people. On top of all this there’s folks who’ve been estranged from … Read more

Changing, Growing, and Finding My Path in Business

A photo of a white, non-binary person looking at and reaching towards small spring flowers

Change can be scary. Change also means growth. And when things are changing I try to take my inspiration from the blossoms at the height of summer. When a flower blooms it changes. But do you think the flower ever questions it’s growth? Do you think the plant fears blossoming? To grow is to change. … Read more

Meditation + Neurodivergence: How to Meditate

Meditation is a foundational skill in developing a magical spiritual practice. Meditation helps you to clarify your intention which lends power to your spellwork. It can lead to trance states and heightened spiritual experiences. It can help you connect with spirits and your guides. And finally, it can help you find clarity about yourself, who … Read more