Ancestor Work Makes Magic, Healing & Connection Possible

“Once upon a time, the world held magic. In the dirt, hollows, mountains and river valleys magic sang forth. But over time, through force, through neglect, through fear and loss that magic became diminished. We became disconnected and the world became unenchanted. Now, we are hungering for that enchanted world. And if we’re seeking to … Read more

Ancestor Work When You Don’t Know Your Heritage

There are so many reasons you might not know where your ancestor are from. Adoption, the trauma of the enforced-forgetting of assimilation, the fact that for much of the history of this country the only people about whom records were kept were white people. On top of all this there’s folks who’ve been estranged from … Read more

Ancestor Work Will Heal The World

Why do ancestor work? What do you get out of it anyways? I mean, sure ancestor work seems cool, but if it doesn’t have any beneficial effect in your life, it’s not gonna be easy to stick to a practice. So, what happens when you commit to an ancestor work practice? Here are just some … Read more

Finding Your Path Through the Spiritual New Age Bullshit

There’s so much bullshit out there. Twin Flames hide abusive relationship dynamics and cultish thinking. The Secret and other money manifestation tools are a New Age cover for prosperity gospel. Appropriation of Native American traditions. Goddess spirituality that serves as a veil for old-fashioned gender roles with a heaping helping of transphobia. Dangerous cults. The … Read more

Destroying White Supremacy Through Ancestor Work: An Authentic Spirituality

Getting involved in ancestor work because you’re craving connection, because you want to heal your lineage, because you want to connect with the spirits who are most ready and excited to connect with your are all great reason to get started with ancestor work! But what if you’re just not that into your ancestors? Maybe … Read more

How To Do Ancestor Work When Your Ancestors Were Assholes

By this point in this Ancestor Work blog series, you’ve gotten a crash course in: why ancestor work provides a fundamental solution to feelings of disconnection, disempowerment, and disenchantment; how ancestor work can be a vital practice in achieving your magical goals; and how to ACTUALLY DO ancestor work the quick and easy way. Maybe … Read more

Finding Magic and Healing Through Ancestor Work

It’s 2022. The Covid-19 pandemic. The OMG political what-the-FUCK-ness of this moment. Many of us are feeling uprooted, disconnected, and disenchanted far more often than you’d like to be. Understandably so! In response to all the WTF maybe you’re looking for some solace, an outlet for finding healing and hope. Maybe you’re reaching out for … Read more

5 Reasons To Work With Your Ancestors This Spring

Autumn is the season of the ancestors, right? The autumn seems like the obvious choice for cultivating ancestor connection. Plants die; trees shed their leaves. The natural world dies back, retreats to the roots, enters a period of rest. It immediately puts us in mind of the dead. There’s just a vibe, right? Plus, so … Read more

The Story of Emily’s Underworld Journey

by Emily Prentice I grew up with an inclination to go barefoot. I poked at wet soil with sticks, wrecked my clothes playing potato-bug in the grass. My first communions with the underworld were mud pies and fairy houses tucked into the roots of trees, though it’d be a couple decades before I thought of … Read more