Spring is the Perfect Time to Connect with Your Ancestors

Autumn is the season of the ancestors, right? The autumn seems like the obvious choice for cultivating ancestor connection. Plants die; trees shed their leaves. The natural world dies back, retreats to the roots, enters a period of rest. It immediately puts us in mind of the dead. There’s just a vibe, right? Plus, so … Read more

Winter Solstice Prayer: Honoring Magic, Reality, and Rebirth

I hope you’re doing well, keeping safe, wearing a mask, and finding seasonal joy in the pockets in between. For me, this time of year, from around the Solstice through to the Epiphany has a feeling of sacredness. It’s the time-out-of-time where we can rest, dream, celebrate, and plant the seeds new dreams for this … Read more

Re-imagining Growth: Structure and Freedom in Magic, a.k.a. how I’m navigating a changing magical practice as a professional witch

A photo of Lex on a log next to a river looking up at the sky during early spring. The image is pink tinged and text on top contains the title of the blog post.

I have a confession: My magical practice is changing. I haven’t celebrated a Wheel of the Year holiday since Samhain. New and full moons have largely faded from my magical work. I’m moving away from my folk Catholic practice. And at the same time, I’m deepening my relationship to the Swamp in which I live; … Read more