Tarot Empowerment Session

For spiritual explorers ready to forge their own path and make their own magic!

You’ve got a horizon to explore! You’ve got big dreams, but you’re not exactly sure how to get started. Or maybe you did get started, but now you’ve lost the map and are feeling hopelessly muddled. Together with the tarot, we’ll work to map out the lay-of-the-land and the journey you have ahead of you.

Whether you’re charting the path of your life’s journey or looking to get back on track, we’ll work together to tap into your inner wisdom so that you can forge the path to your dreams!

During a Tarot Empowerment Session you will…

  • Be guided into connection with your own intuitive truth and knowing
  • Get about your present situation and the current crossroads of you’re at in your journey
  • Learn about the path you desire to follow
  • Discover the tools you have to navigate this path
  • Be empowered to follow your heart’s compass so that you call follow your soul’s yearning
  • Tap into wisdom that will help you keep on track and following the path to your desires!

“This reading brought a sense of ease and stability into my creative process. Now I’m feeling much more confident and clear. A lot of our session as about accepting the tumultuous energy around me without getting overwhelmed because I have the tools to be successful, that was very empowering for me! I felt very comfortable as a nonbinary person, and I didn’t need to take time explaining my identity to be treated with respect. I was especially thankful for the grounding meditation and for the way you received my words and reacted to them while we spoke about the cards. I had a wonderful time and I will definitely be back!”

– Liz

By the end of your session you will…

  • Know where you’re at and where you’re going
  • Feel equipped and ready for the challenge that lays ahead of you
  • Have an idea of your strengths in this endeavor and where you’d be wise to be gentle with yourself
  • Be full of actionable suggestions and ideas for moving forward
  • Know how you can tap back into your intuition and convictions when the going gets tough

“Before the reading, I felt confused and messy — with no clear direction. First of all, your manner is so warm and welcoming– that was encouraging and reassuring right from the beginning. The cards you drew could not have been more on point — a sign to me that you are very skilled at tuning in to your intuition and greater magic. And the reading itself felt like you were gently but firmly untangling the messy pile of threads I brought to you. I came away with clear threads that I can follow for myself to find MY answer. That feels so empowering! The reading really calmed down my sense of confusion and messiness — enabling me to relax into the process of continuing to figure out how my own magic can be brought into the world. I feel empowered to explore the various ideas that the cards presented in the reading. It feels like I have “homework” — in the best possible way!! — that will help me on my journey.”

– Amy

This session is for you if…

  • You’re setting off on a new endeavor, exploration, or adventure
  • You feel a bit lost or confused about where you’re headed and what you’re doing
  • You need to recalibrate your compass – that is you need to get clear on the true north that’s calling to your heart!
  • You want an in-depth look at your present situation

“Before the reading, I was feeling really anxious and uncertain about my path. I wasn’t sure about the progress I’d made or where to go from here. Now, I’m feeling much calmer and more supported. Everything I’m moving through is valid and real, and it’s also not a problem — it’s just part of the process. This reading has made it possible for me to move forward through this chaotic, but creatively rich, time in my life, supported in the knowledge that I am exactly where I am meant to be.”

– Davis

This session ISN’T for you if…

  • If you’re not ready to take responsibility for your actions, your life, and your magic.
  • If you don’t want to access your own truth, intuition and knowing.
  • You’re seeking answers about a legal, health, or financial question.
  • You want to be TOLD your future, rather than empowered to make your future.

About the session

  • 11-12 card, 1 hour tarot reading
  • Conducted over Zoom, with an option to have the session recorded
  • $135

“It was wonderful to be able to get a reading from another non-binary person who understands chronic health stuff, because it didn’t feel like I had to ‘interpret’ reading to make it match my situation”

– Avory

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