Tarot for Transition

Spiritual Support for Modern Rites of Passage

Are you…

  • on the precipice of a big change?
  • struggling to trust yourself amid massive change?
  • looking for a light to guide you through a transition that’s feeling less like a liberation and more like a dark night of the soul?
  • feeling like you need to make a big change, but don’t even know how to get started?
  • in the middle of a transitional journey through the in-between and feeling so lost?
  • starting to wrap up a big life transition and want support to help you review, celebrate and integrate?

Tarot for Transition is here to offer the spiritual support you need to navigate your modern rite of passage. Whether your transition moment is a new career, a gender transition, or something else entirely this custom tarot package will support you in trusting your intuition and making your own path through this liminal phase of life, so that you can make your dream into reality!

About Tarot For Transition

Tarot for Transition is an intuitive support package for life’s threshold moments – transitions, transformations, rebirths, anything that asks you to leap into the unknown, to grow, and to change!

Some examples of threshold moments are:

  • Transitions, developments, maturations, evolutions, and transformations
  • Gender transition, stage of life transition (entering school, leaving school, graduating, etc.), entering into committed partnership (i.e. marriage)
  • Stepping into a new identity: disabled or neurodivergent, sexual or gender identity, or any other identity you’re being asked to shed or embrace
  • Grief transitions, graduating from school, leaving a relationship, entering a relationship, committing to a marriage/relationship, changing careers, starting careers, starting a business.

Basically, any time you find yourself in-between one fixed identity or stage of life and another, navigating that liminal space between those stable thresholds, that’s a transition that tarot can help you navigate!

Transitions bring us into liminal space. When you’ve crossed into a liminal space, you’ve gone beyond the every day and into a magical, spiritual space. These in-between moments can be challenging. It might feel like a dark night of the soul full of anxiety and doubt. Or, you might feel that you’re facing down the intimidating challenging of figuring how to even get started and actually follow through.

These are moments where what you thought you knew unravels, coming face-first with the truth of the immense possibility of this world, and then, if you heed the promise of that possibility, re-weaving your story and your truth. There’s immense power in these moments.

But it can be a challenge to rise to that promise.

Cultures throughout time have recognized that these are times of powerful possibility and transformation. They’re also times of deep vulnerability and uncertainty. To ease the harrowing feeling of these transitions and to ensure the transitioning individual made it successfully to the other side, cultures had rites and ceremonies designed to protect and aid the individual. Rites of Passage or Coming Of Age ceremonies helped bridge the liminal space of transition. Unfortunately, we live in a world where many of us have lost connection to these rites and we are left to cross this liminal space alone.

If you’re crossing a threshold into a new phase of life and are looking for help navigating that misty path and ensuring you feel supported through that journey, this package is for you.

In a Tarot For Transitions package you will…

  • Be guided into connection with your own intuitive truth and knowing
  • Receive intuitive guidance from the tarot about the transitional journey you have ahead of you
  • Explore paths from where you are now to where you desire to end up, so that you can confidently navigate this liminal threshold
  • Be connected to the spiritual, plant, and magical allies that can support and protect you in this transition
  • Discover the sources of material, emotional, and spiritual support that you can access during this transition
  • Receive custom rituals & spells to help you catalyze, support, and navigate your transitional journey
  • Get the support you need in navigating this in-between, transitional moment with courage, conviction, and clarity, so you can bridge that gap and live the life you’re dreaming of!

By the end of Tarot For Transition you will…

  • Have identified the resources + strategies that will help you complete this journey safely and successfully
  • Be ready to pursue your dreams and make your own path
  • Feel confident that you can navigate the path ahead of you and journey safely towards the end destination of this transition
  • Have the courage, conviction, and clarity you need to bridge the gap between your present reality and the reality you’re dreaming of so you can live the life you’re dreaming of!

Tarot for Transition isn’t for you if…

  • If you’re not ready to take responsibility for your actions, your life, and your magic.
  • If you don’t want to access your own truth, intuition and knowing.
  • You don’t want to work with a gender-expansive practitioner who takes a gender-expansive approach to the tarot.
  • You’re seeking answers about a legal, health, or financial question.
  • You want to be TOLD your future, rather than empowered to make your future.

Tarot For Transition is for you if…

  • You’re going through a major life transition (e.g. gender transition, entering or leaving school, graduating, embracing a new identity or diagnosis, entering/leaving/committing to a relationship, starting/changing careers or a business, etc.) You could be at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of this transition. Wherever you are with it, you’re looking for help navigating, finding spiritual support, and easing the path forward.
  • You recognize this moment for the powerful moment of magic, possibility and transformation that it is
  • You are looking for intuitive support to help you trust and navigate the path you’ve chosen for yourself

“Through Lex’s guiding hand, with the context of ritual, journaling, imagery (and so much more!) I rewrote my story. To be guided into my OWN power and creating my OWN story was a revelation. I loved the fact that Lex was there to listen and guide, not preach. They held amazing space for my own personal wisdom and power to come through. I feel prepared to view challenges as guide, mentor, and medicine, rather than frightening circumstance.
If you’re looking for an experience with your magic, and a guide to your own inner wisdom rather than feeling TOLD what do do, I highly recommend Lex as mentor. I’m so grateful they were able to (gently!) motivate me and hold space for such an intimidating journey!”

– Peach (she/her)

Tarot is a compass for journeys into the liminal.

Let the tarot guide you home to yourself…

The Essential Details!

Tarot for Transition is a custom spiritual support package. It includes three 75-minute tarot sessions, designed to support you through each step of your transitional journey. You’ll also receive custom rituals, spells, tarot spreads and journal prompts to support you between your sessions.

The tarot sessions are designed to guide you through your transition, highlighting themes, joys, and challenges you may face along the way, and supporting you to navigate the challenges ahead. The sessions can be spaced out over 6-12 weeks, moving at the pace of your own journey.

After each tarot session, you will receive custom rituals, spell work, and journal prompts to support you magically and emotionally in your journey. This can include anything from tarot spreads, journaling questions, suggestions of magical allies to work with, as well as ritual or spell work, depending on what comes up during the session and your own desires and interests.

What’s Included:

  • Spiritual and magical support for navigating a period of transition
  • 3 sessions together — each 75mins long including a tarot reading + discussion
  • Custom prompts (tarot, journaling, rituals, etc.) for ongoing support between sessions
  • Happens over 6-12 weeks – you can schedule your sessions at a pace that feels comfortable and supportive to you
  • By the end of your package, you’ll feel clear + connected and well on your way to seeing your way through the messy in-between and into making your dreams into reality
  • Exchange: $1000 paid in full or 4 payments of $250

Tarot for Transition is here to offer you support through a transitional journey, moving from what is to your hearts desire. Whether the moment of transition you find yourself in is a gender tradition, a career change, a coming of age, a relationship commitment, Tarot for Transition is here to help you navigate your transition with your heart as the compass so that you can make your heart’s desire your reality.

The resonated with everything I am going through at the moment and reminded me that I can find the answers inside me. This reading showed me that I need to take it one step at a time and my intuition is here helping me. This reading helped me remember to listen to myself, my abilities and trust that the answers will come.”

– Otti (they/he)

About Your Guide

Hi! I’m Lex (they/he)! I am a outsider oracle & heretical hierophant making magic for sacred sacrilege. I use tarot and spiritwork to help heretics, outsiders, and rebels seduced by the liminal to re-connect to their power so they can wield the magical tools of love and liberation!

Through divination, meditation, and education it is my mission to help you connect to your own personal wisdom, break down the boundaries of limiting beliefs, conventional wisdom, the “common sense” used to prop up the status quo, and move beyond consensus reality into the liminal lands of magic and enchantment where you can make your dreams comes true. I help you take back your power so that you can make the magic that is in your heart.

I know a thing or two about navigating moments of liminality and transition – as a spiritworker, as a queer person, as a transmasculine person, as a music school drop out, as a PhD and academia drop out, as a trained research scientist who is now a full-time mystic, as a chronically ill and disabled person…I’ve been through many moments of transition and back again! Sometimes I like to say that I am liminally-embodied. I am here in this lifetime to explore and map the liminal, and to teach others the tools to navigate their own liminal, spiritual encounters. I am here to be the hedgerider who knows how to cross the hedge and can show you how to do the same!

Through all of my life transitions – whether it has been my gender transition, leaving academia, coming to terms with my chronic illness, committing to a life partner – I have experienced the mutability, the haziness, the fear of committing to one’s own vision and heart. And through that I have honed spiritual tools for navigating transition while holding onto my dream, even when the way got cloudy and everything felt unsure and in flux. These tools included devotional work, ritual, spell work, and meditation, but most importantly – TAROT. Tarot is the compass that has shown me over and over again how to navigate life’s many transitions with faith, trust, confidence, and commitment.

And now, I am SO excited to share with you what I have learned about navigating transition with trust in the unraveling, in touch with your intuition, so that you can make it to the other side and make your way forward into your dreams.

Find your own path.

Trust your intuition. Trust the unravelling.

Make your way.

The path may be cloudy, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wander aimlessly.

“Before my session I felt confused, overwhelmed, blocked, resistant. Afterwards, I feel as though several avenues have opened up for me to explore now. I now have a map to start me off on my journey, and the tools that I know will be invaluable along the way.
I love Lex’s style of reading, and how radical and anticapitalist it is. Lex’s passion and dedication really comes through, but their readings also always feel so unhurried and considerate, which not only allows me to slow my own pace down for a spell, but also makes me feel deeply valued and honoured.”

– Sas (she/her)

If you’re ready to…

  • Navigate this transitional moment by finding your own path, trusting your intuition, following your heart, and trusting the unravelling, with the support of tarot and magic!
  • Make your own path to your dreams, shedding what is no longer in service to your desires, embracing what helps you become the person you want to be, held in a supportive magical container
  • Shed the status quo, say yes to your dreams, make your way toward the reality that is calling to your heart…
  • Navigate your transformation with your heart as the compass.
  • Feel supported to find the courage, conviction, and clarity you need to navigate your transition, so you can make your dreams a reality, and live the life you’re desiring!

All with support and care to see you through this transitional moment and into your new reality, then Tarot for Transition is for you!

“Lex didn’t give me THE ANSWER but instead gave me a series of questions to help me make up my own mind. It gave me agency and helped me realize what truly aligned with me. It really is a superpower to give space for folks to find their own answers.”

– Emily (she/her)