Tarot Reading

Quiet the clamoring thoughts in your head. Touch into the hope, joy, and desire in your heart. So that you can move into your future with confidence, in touch with your desire and your power to turn that desire into reality.

Tarot is a divinatory card reading tradition. To divine is to use your intuition – your own knowing – along with some tool (in this case tarot cards, with the assistance of a tarot reader) to unearth some hidden knowledge. This hidden knowledge can be insight into your current situation, the next step in your personal growth, an understanding of how to move forward, advice on how to resolve a problem in your life so you can achieve the ends you desire, and so much more. Essentially, any time you feel information that you need or desire is hidden from you, divination can help. 

Using this divinatory method, together with the tarot we’ll get to the root of your situation so you can move forward with clarity, empowered in your own ability to navigate the area related to your question. Unearthing the roots, tilling the soil, clearing the weeds. All so that you have the space to grow, change and make your magic. 

The ability to use this revealed knowledge to create change is in each of us. A radical tarot reading with me is here to empower you to use that knowledge in a way that improves your life and your world. In a tarot reading you’ll be witnessed and heard in your question: what’s got you feeling stuck, challenged, confused, lost; what you’re feeling like seeking or you’re missing or not seeing. Speak it into the container of sacred space that is a tarot reading and let the cards provide advice on shifting your perspective, connecting to the magic you hold within you and your ability to see what’s been hidden, harness that connection to truth in order to move forward with clarity and confidence.

It’s about empowerment. Empowering you to claim your agency, get what the fuck you want, make your best life, to use the resources you have to get what you desire. It’s about empowerment, yes, while also acknowledging the reality of the world we live in: the intersection struggles and oppressions of late capitalism are very real limitations. But tarot can help you identify and navigate these limitations so that you can flourish.

No one has a monopoly on the truth, not the tarot cards, not mystics or diviners, certainly not me. I might be the expert, but I’m not the authority. A tarot reading with me is non-hierarchical. You are welcome to bring your own knowing and your fullest self. This is tarot done FOR you, not TO you.

A tarot reading will help you sort through the myriad of clamoring thoughts in your head so that you can touch into the hope, joy, and desire in your heart, and then move into your future with confidence, in touch with your desire and your power to turn that desire into reality.

Tarot is especially well suited to: getting to the bottom of your current emotional or spiritual situation; clarity and insight when everything is just too messy, when you’ve lost your path and can’t seem to find your way back; initiating a new beginning, laying the groundwork for new growth; accessing those secrets that you’ve locked deep within you that need to be brought to the surface in order to grow and heal.


  • all the baggage feels a bit too heavy…
  • you’re getting in your own way and can’t seem to get out of it…
  • you need a gentle nudge back into your power and back your way to your dreams…
  • you have big dreams, but you struggle to take action to achieve them…
  • you’re feeling disconnected from your autonomy – your ability to think, act, do, create, to make your magic…
  • you don’t know how to connect with your own power and agency to take action in your life…

A tarot reading can help. Book your reading at the button below!

Tarot Empowerment Session

An Empowerment session connects you to the seed of your personal power so that you can nurture it, grow it, and create change in your life. It provides an in-depth look at this moment, providing tools to cope with this moment and nurture your ability to act. Centered in the present moment you can make choices and take action; you can use your personal power to create positive, intentional change in your life.

  • 11-12 card, 1 hour tarot reading
  • Conducted over Zoom
  • $135

Tarot Insight Session

An Insight session will give you an overview of where you are in relation to a particular situation and your personal power in this moment, helping you to understand your present and how you can nurture your power in the moment, enabling you to move forward and take action with a sense of clarity and empowerment.

  • 3-card, recorded reading
  • Recording will be emailed to you on the day scheduled for the reading
  • $35