Tending Radical Roots

Cultivate Ancestral Connection – Without the Bullshit!

31 Oct – 27 Nov

We live in a world disenchanted.

Once upon a time, the world held magic. In the dirt, hollows, mountains and river valleys magic sang forth. But over time, through force, through neglect, through fear and loss that magic became diminished and lost.

But your ancestors remember what it is to be in loving relationship with the earth. Your ancestors remember how to make magic. Your ancestors remember what it is to live life as a ritual sacrament, full of purpose + meaning + joy.

Connecting to these ancestors connects you to a well of magical potential. Working with your ancestors connects you to a font of healing.

  • If you want to heal the ways this world traumatized you…
  • If you want to heal the ways this world traumatized your ancestors…
  • If you want to right the wrongs of this world…
  • If you want to reclaim lost traditions…
  • If you want to be in right relationship with the earth…
  • If you want magic and enchantment, a sense of connection to something greater than yourself…

ALL of that can be found through ancestor work.

The problem is:

the realm of ancestor work is filled with bullshit.

It’s a conservative, genealogical minefield, focused on the questionable notion of your “blood” and lineage as provable by historical documents. It’s all about those who owned property and fucked and begat heirs. YUCK!

Not only is that limiting as fuck, it’s absolute nonsense!

What kinds of magic and healing would be possible for you if you could throw off outdated colonialist, essentialist, patriarchal, heteronormative constructions of “blood lineage” to create an ancestor work practice that is supportive of who you are, your values, and your vision for the future, an ancestor work rooted in lineages of care?

If the idea of working with your ancestors is calling to your heart, you should know:

  • Ancestor work is a foundational spiritual practice found in cultures worldwide
  • Meaningful connection to your ancestors is your fucking birthright as a human being living on this earth – no matter who you are or who your ancestors were
  • Ancestral connection does not require any kind of familial loyalty or duty, a myopic focus on your “blood” or modern nation-states, harmful notions of purity, or any other conservative crap

You deserve an ancestor work practice that supports your thriving, helps you embody your authentic self, AND honors your ancestors.

Is This You?

If you…

  • are hungry for a practice that connects you to a deep well of magic, meaning, healing, and hope
  • desire an accessible and authentic connection to your ancestors
  • want that practice align with your values and help you embody those values
  • are curious how you can do ancestor work if you know jack shit about your family history
  • want to explore an expansive ancestor work practice that goes beyond mere bloodlines, honoring the wonderful expansive web of what nurtures you

Then Tending Radical Roots is the ancestor work course for you!

Tending Radical Roots is here to help you connect and engage with your dead in service of life. This course will help you craft an ancestor practice that is authentic, and values-aligned for you so that you can create possibility, connection, and magic you yearn for.

A limited number of discounted spots are available for BIPOC. Please contact me here for me information!

Our ancestors are our roots.

To be radical is to work with the root.

Ancestor work tends the root.

Ancestor work lets new dreams take seed in fertile soil.

Radical Ancestor Work Is…

  • the practice of honoring those who in some way contributed to your thriving and who’ve passed from this life
  • an ancient practice found throughout the worlds, in many different expressions, across many different cultures
  • a deeply human practice that anyone can access
  • a method for healing the wounds of capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and other structures of oppression and helping to make a better world possible

Your Ancestors Are…

  • Your “blood” lineage…
  • Your chosen family…
  • The Sun, the Moon, the Stars…
  • The Earth, the Trees, and the Flowers…
  • Your familial relations who were hidden and forgotten from history, whose names you may not know, but who are here to support you nonetheless…
  • Ancestor of the path – radical collective ancestors whose vision holds us all – think Marsha P. Johnson, Emma Goldman, Malcolm X…
  • Ancestor of affinity – queer and neurodivergent ancestors, ancestors who paved the way in your field, and more!
  • Anyone or anything whose efforts nurtured you!

Whether your ancestors were oppressive assholes or oppressed by assholes there is healing to be found in ancestor work.

What does it mean to heal your roots?

White supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy are projects of abolishing connection for the purpose of accumulating power.

Once upon a time all of our ancestor had a deep, immanent connection to the earth, magic, and spirit. This connection to the earth, to each other, and to magic that you’re how so hungry for was ripped up at the root.

Because that connection was powerful.

The systems of oppression we know today are built on that stolen power. And with that theft, the disenchanted world we know came to be.

If you seek to make a better world you have to take back your power. If you seek a world once again filled with connection to earth, magic and spirit you have to heal the disconnection.

To repair that connection you need to repair it where it was severed: at the root. This connection wasn’t severed during our lifetimes, or during our parent’s lifetimes (despite all the hand-wringing that goes on in the media about the “good old days”). This connection to magic was severed long ago.

If this severance isn’t healed in the place where the harm was done, you are building on the same foundation. You risk perpetuating the disconnection and disenchantment by leaving your practice rooted in a space defined by the very systems you seek to transcend.

So, if you seek connection and magic, if you seek to cast spells and re-enchant the world, you have to do the work to escape the disempowering trap of these systems of oppression. You have to start the healing at the root.

Tending Radical Roots is about healing those roots. This class is an educational exploration of magic, life, living, and dying. In educational community, you’ll explore what it means to be human on this earth. And you’ll discover how tending to your dead in service of life can heal the wounds of disconnection and disempowerment that come from living in a world structured by systems of oppression.

Tending Radical Roots is a four-week experience of seeking and healing your roots. You will be guided through the steps of clarifying what you’re seeking, setting an intention, ritually connection with your ancestors, integrating the results of that ritual, and developing a commitment to continued ancestor connection. Through it all you’ll learn to craft your own radical ancestor work practice that will support you in finding magic and healing after the class ends.

During this class you’ll go beyond looking to the past: Tending Radical Roots will help you engage with your dead in service of creating healing, new possibilities, and a better world.

A limited number of discounted spots are available for BIPOC. Please contact me here for me information!

This drastically expanded my consciousness of all the things that had already been possible! I began the course feeling very self-conscious and worried that I would inadvertently do something to upset my ancestors. This course not only put my heart at ease, it also allowed me to work through these worries (which, turns out, was connected to ancestral trauma). Lex did a fantastic job holding space and supporting us while we encountered wounds — and helped us identify whether or not we were ready to undertake that particular journey at the time. This was such a wonderful course and really helped me trust myself and my ancestors.

– Emily Corturillo

Your ancestors are a resource of knowledge and support for creating a better world.

About The Course

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to craft your own radical ancestor work practice
  • How to take a radical approach to ancestor work and avoid harmful ancestor work pitfalls
  • Who your ancestors are
  • How to use radical ancestor work to heal legacies of capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and related systems of oppression
  • How to build your own ancestor work practice in a way that brings you into deeper connection with nature, yourself, and your communities
  • How to connect with your ancestors, honor them, celebrate with them, heal with them, and learn from them!
  • Methods for creating boundaries with harmful ancestors, holding space for healing ancestors, and remediating legacies of harm
  • To develop a supportive ancestor work practice so you can maintain a connection with your ancestors after the course ends!

What You Get

  • 4 week of ancestral exploration, guided by Lex, held in a supportive online community. Class runs from 31 Oct – 27 Nov.
  • Weekly handouts and educational material on crucial ancestor work topics to help you set intentions, clarify what you want out of this practice, develop your own ritual to honor your ancestors, and create a practice that continues beyond the class.
  • Weekly activities to help you turn intention into action.
  • 4 live group support calls and recordings of all calls. All calls to take place on Wednesdays 5pm ET, with recordings available if you can’t make it live!
  • Community discussion space hosted on Discord

Tending Radical Roots is a four week spiritual journey of ancestral discovery and healing. You will be guided through the steps of initiating connection to your ancestors, performing a ritual for your ancestors, integrating the results of that ritual, and developing a commitment to continued ancestor connection! All in a way that is value-aligned and supportive to you!

A limited number of discounted spots are available for BIPOC. Please contact me here for me information!

Week 1

Clarifying Intention
Why do you want to connect with your ancestors? Which ancestors do you want to connect with? What are you hoping to accomplish? This week you’ll be guided through exercises to help you get clear on your intentions and desires for this work.

Week 2

Initiating Ritual Action
After getting clear on your intentions, you’ll jump feet first into ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK! This week will guide you through planning, creating, and doing your own personal ancestor work ritual!

Week 3

Listening to and Connecting with the Ancestors
After ritually honoring the ancestors it’s time to sit back and listen to what they have to say. You’ll learn about communicating with the ancestors, setting boundaries and ways to grow your relationship with your dead.

Week 4

Integrating and Moving Forward
Your final week is for reflection, review, and closing this work. You’ll take stock of what you’ve done & experienced, how you’re feeling about it, and what you’ve learned. You’ll feel into the connection you’ve made with your ancestors and assess if you want to continue to nurture that relationship. You’ll wrap up the course by making a plan to continue this work in a way that is sustainable and supportive to you and your dreams.

A limited number of discounted spots are available for BIPOC. Please contact me here for me information!

Who ISN’T This For?

If you…

  • are totally chill with the status quo and don’t really see the problem transphobia, homophobia, and racism in spiritual spaces.
  • only want to engage with your ancestors in ways that reify the narratives of white supremacy and patriarchy.
  • want easy answers, want to be told what to do, or think there’s only one way to do things.
  • are curious about genealogy and a hard facts approach to learning about your ancestors. This course focuses on the energetic and magical!
  • have had a loved one die in the last year and you’re hoping to use ancestor work to connect that one person specifically.

If any of that is you, then this isn’t the ancestor work course for you!

However, if you’re ready to make radical magic, connect to the ancestors who wanna connect with you, find healing, and make the world a better place, you’re invited to start Tending Radical Roots!

Who IS This For?

If you…

  • have felt the call to engage in ancestor work
  • dream of a more just + liberated world
  • are curious about expansive understandings of ancestor work that are accessible for marginalized folks and those who do not have access to extensive genealogical records
  • are curious and ready to experiment, trust your intuition & inner wisdom so that you can figure out what works for you
  • are ready to heal the harms of your racist ancestors; unearth the hidden stories of your rebellious + unconventional ancestors,; recover the connections lost through colonialism, adoption, or fleeing from disaster; remember forgotten magics; or relearn what it is to be in sacred community
  • are ready to make magic!

Then you’re invited to get radical, start tending your roots, and finding the magic of ancestral connection!

A limited number of discounted spots are available for BIPOC. Please contact me here for me information!

The ancestors ground us, teach us the tools of dreaming new worlds.

The old ways help us make new ways.

About Your Guide

Image of Lex in the autumn woods. Leaves are yellow behind them. They are wearing a jean jacket and aviator glasses. They smirk at the camera, looking sideways over their shoulder.

Hi! I’m Lex, and I’m gonna be your guide into the underworld of ancestor work. I’m a tarot reader, folk witch, spirit worker, and queer mystic. I’m here to guide you through the misty lands of the liminal and spiritual. My goal is to help you connect to your own wisdom and learn to be in conversation with the beyond so that you can set off on your own mystical-magical adventure.

For the astrologically curious, I’ve got a 12th house Scorpio sun conjunct Mars and Pluto, with Mercury in the 1st house. My calling to work with the dead and my ancestors is written in the stars, to put it a bit dramatically.

I come to this work because my ancestors are deeply intertwined with my magical practice. The folk practices and cunning ways I saw in the kitchen growing up are the foundation for what I do and teach. My practice has its origin in all those little hush-hush things the grannies in my small, hilly town did.

And even as ancestral connection is essential to what I do, I have STRUGGLED with this work. Ancestor work is often conservative, genealogical, and exclusively focused one’s blood lineage as provable by historical documents. Many standard ancestor work classes have been harmful to me and ignored my vital radical, queer, marginalized, neurodivergent, and otherwise deviant ancestors. As a queer person, as a white person whose ancestors had to hide their origins and traditions in order to assimilate, as a radical who in the depths of my soul is repulsed by conservatism, learning to create an ancestor work practice that both honors my ancestors AND supports my thriving has been a challenge.

That’s why I created Tending Radical Roots. Because working with ancestors needs to go beyond looking to the past, beyond blood & nations. Ancestor work is a life nurturing practice that can connect you to the future. That’s what you’ll learn in this course: how to engage with your dead in service of dreaming, creating, and living into a better future, a new world.

A limited number of discounted spots are available for BIPOC. Please contact me here for me information!

How Radical Ancestor Work (my approach!) Compares

Because of my struggles to find an ancestor work practice that made sense to me and actually let me honor my ancestors WITHOUT perpetuating the system of oppression that harmed them, I had to find my own approach to ancestor work.

Their Approach

  • Starts with what you know about your ancestors, who your ancestors were, and what nation-state they were from
  • Only pays lip service to the idea of liberation and the dismantling of the systems of oppression that ancestors may have contributed to, but focuses more on “honoring” and “understanding” your ancestors, even the problematic ones, in way that reeks of spiritual by-passing
  • Focus on bloodlines as the “best” way to do ancestor work in a way that plays into fascist narratives of “blood”, as well as reifying harmful conservatives ideas of land and nations that actually shore up empire and colonialism
  • Considers genealogy and being able to name your forebears as far back as possible a laudable objective for an ancestor work practice
  • Treats ancestor work as a novel phenomenon, not a foundational spiritual practice found the world over
  • Only skilled in working with folks with exclusively white, European ancestry and who know something of that ancestry.
  • Values the ancestors whose stories you know and who are preserved in the historical record over those whose stories were forgotten, obscured, or hidden

My Approach

  • Starts with you, where you’re at, your identity and experience, and what YOU are seeking from your practice. Your interests, desires, dreams and identity are at the heart of this work.
  • Ready to call your toxic ancestors the F out, help you establish boundaries, and create a plan to heal harms and right wrongs if that work is needed for you
  • Centered in an expansive viewpoint that understands the true diversity of ancestry and lineage in a way that directly undermines the status quo
  • Knows that genealogy, while it can be a part of this work, is a pursuit whose history is deeply entwined with white supremacy and can be a distraction to the primary objective of ancestor work: healing, connection, and magic.
  • Sees ancestor work as a reconnection with ancient, widespread traditions of ancestor veneration, and acknowledges the role of colonialism and white supremacy in obscuring this tradition
  • Experienced in helping folks with mixed ancestries, adopted folks, those who have no family stories or no access to genealogical records, and folks whose ancestors were assimilated into whiteness
  • Knows that those who are recorded in a biased and white supremacist history are not more valuable or more worthy of your attention than those who that history hides and forgets, and will help you connect to those hidden ancestors and knows how to get you connected with those hidden ancestors

In Tending Radical Roots, we cut through the distractions that are placed on ancestor work from the framework of white supremacy. You won’t be made to feel that your practice is inferior because of you lack access to genealogical records. You’ll be affirmed in who you are. You’ll be encouraged to trust your intuition as the compass the guides you back into enchantment. Whichever ancestors you want to start working with you’ll be given the tools to do that.

In Tending Radical Roots, we’ll focus on connecting you to the actual objective of ancestor work: the connection, the healing, the magic.

A limited number of discounted spots are available for BIPOC. Please contact me here for me information!

Are you ready to stop addressing the symptoms of the disconnection and disenchantment you’re feeling and start healing the problem at the root?

Ancestor work gets to the root of the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I can’t make it to the live sessions?
    Our live sessions will be recorded cuz life happens! A recording will be shared with students through Discord within 24 hours of the live session.
  • I don’t get along with my family.
    Ancestor work does not require you to be on good terms with your living relations or your dead relations. Radical ancestor work is not about veneration, passive honoring, or heaping praises on your problematic ancestors. This work is about finding embodied connection to the world and what it means to be human in it. Ancestors work practices are found the world over, and many of them focus on healing the dead, not honoring them. If you’re not ready to start healing your ancestors-by-blood, that’s totally cool! You can start with plant ancestors, a particular ancestor you did like, your distant ancestors, your queer ancestors. Wherever you feel called to start, this course can support you in creating a meaningful practice!
  • I don’t know where my family is from.
    That’s totally cool! Our modern ideas of our ancestors and where they were from (especially for US folks) is often warped by imperialism and not all that helpful. In Tending Radical Roots you’ll learn to approach ancestor work as an intuitive, embodied practice. You do not need to know the nation-state or even the region your ancestors were from when it is approached in this way. The knowledge you need is in your bones – not on some census or immigration document! Your ancestors are ready to help you connect to that knowledge!
  • I’m adopted.
    Adoption is a complicated issue that comes with many tender feelings and trauma. Ancestor work can be a way of access a feeling of connection and healing. I am not a therapist and I am not equipped to handle the many genuine traumas that can come from adoption. However, I have worked with adopted folks in this course and I can confidently say that adoption does not preclude you from connecting to your ancestors. Your ancestors are within you and are ready to help you find the connection and healing you might be seeking.
  • Is this for beginners?
    Absolutely. You do not need to have an already existing practice, any connection to your ancestors or even any idea of who your ancestors were to participate in this course. Through each week you’ll be guided through a step-by-step process of initiating a full, supportive, and values aligned ancestor work practice of your own.
  • Is this for someone who already works with their ancestors?
    If you are 100% satisfied with your connection to your ancestors and know that your practice is values-aligned and supports your life and your dreams of a better world, then you definitely don’t need this course!
    However, if you have an active ancestor work practice, but…
    …you want to start working with a new set of ancestors (maybe it’s queer ancestors or radical ancestors or plant ancestors!)
    …your practice doesn’t feel totally supportive and values-aligned for you
    …you feel like you’re following a template someone else gave you, not your own intuition on what you and your ancestors need from this practice
    then, this course is totally for you! You’ll be able to dive more deeply into your personal Underworld and call on the support of your existing practice as you work to refine and expand how you work with your ancestors!
  • Who are ancestors? What is ancestor work? Why do Ancestor work? What does it have to do with creating new worlds?
    Imagine yourself as a tree. You’re all the parts above the ground, but the roots? Those are your ancestors. The ancestors support, ground, and hold you . They are the roots of the tree of you life. Your ancestors are those deceased folks you have relationship with. This, of course, includes blood relations. But, isn’t really about BLOOD – it’s about the lineage, the connection. Who are you connected to? Queer ancestors, radical ancestors, plant ancestors. Any or all of these ancestors can help us achieve the goal of ancestor work: grounding, connecting, tending to the to the root so we can grow better futures.

A limited number of discounted spots are available for BIPOC. Please contact me here for me information!

“I am feeling much more supported and connected to my ancestors. This made possible so much self-forgiveness and collective comfort for my generational lines and I have been able to cultivate love and affirmation to the person I am ready to step into becoming.”

– Giulia

If you’re ready to go beyond looking to the past & blood & nations so that you can find an ancestor work practice that is life-nurturing and future-sustaining – a practice that will let you heal the roots of disconnection and engage with your dead in service of dreaming, creating, and living into a better future, then Tending Radical Roots is for you!

If you…

  • are ready to tune into your intuition and build a practice that works for YOU and YOUR ancestors, instead of following a paint-by-numbers approach…
  • desire an ancestor practice that confronts the past engaging with your dead in service of dreaming, creating, and living into new worlds…
  • want to create an ancestor practice that is aligned with your values, that helps you live & embody those values…
  • want to explore an expansive ancestor work practice that goes beyond mere bloodlines, honoring the wonderful expansive web of what nurtures you…
  • are hungry for a practice that connects you to a deep well of magic, meaning, healing, & hope – a practice that heals the root of disconnection + disenchantment – a practice that empowers you to cast new spells…

Then you are invited to join this journey of ancestral exploration and begin tending your radical roots!

A limited number of discounted spots are available for BIPOC. Please contact me here for me information!

“Lex didn’t give me THE ANSWER but instead gave me a series of questions to help me make up my own mind. It gave me agency and helped me realize what truly aligned with me. I feel so much more agency. It really is a super power to give space for folks to find their own answers.“

– Emily