Tending Radical Roots

Engage with your ancestors in service of dreaming & living new worlds.

18 October – 14 November

Once upon a time the world held magic. In the dirt, hollows, mountains, and river valleys magic sang forth. But over time, through force, through neglect, through fear and loss that magic became diminished.

And now we are hungering for that enchanted world, that connection, that knowledge, that magic. If we’re seeking to reconnect, to create enchantment, to cast new spells and create new worlds we need to return to the root – to the ancestors. 

Are you…

  • …feeling uprooted and looking for a practice to help you weave connection and relationship?
  • …stuck with NO IDEA where to start even as you desire to connect with your ancestors? 
  • …intimidated by the idea approaching this work on your own and looking for supportive community?

Tending Radical Roots is an ancestor work course and experiential learning community designed to help you connect to your ancestors and craft a practice that supports you in tending your roots, allowing you to create fertile soil for planting the seeds of a new world.

Our ancestors are our roots.

To be radical is to work with the root. Ancestor work tends the root.

Ancestor work lets new dreams take seed in fertile soil.



Imagine yourself as a tree. You’re all the parts above the ground, but the roots? Those are your ancestors. The ancestors support, ground, and hold us. They are the roots of the tree of our lives.

Your ancestors are those deceased folks you have relationship with. This, of course, includes blood relations. But, isn’t really about BLOOD – it’s about the lineage, the connection. Who are you connected to? Queer ancestors, radical ancestors, plant ancestors. Any or all of these ancestors can help us achieve the goal of ancestor work: grounding, connecting, getting to the root.

The ancestors ground us, teach us the tools of dreaming new worlds.

These old ways help us make new ways.


Your ancestors are complicated. All our ancestors are complicated. No two people’s ancestor practices will look the same. Which is why, in this course, through lessons, help from me, and peer support you’ll be guided through the process of creating YOUR ancestor practice, one that is supportive, grounding, and healing for YOU. 

Tending Radical Roots is a community of the living gathering together to tend our dead in service of life: for dreaming, creating, and living into new worlds. As a community of learning and practice, you’ll learn in connection with others who are beginning to dive into and develop their own unique, ancestral practices. Everyone’s practice will look different, but you’ll have the support of community in developing something meaningful, healing, and sustainable for you.

Whiteness, white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism are projects of abolishing connection for the purpose of accumulating power. That connection to the earth and to each other that you’re so hungry for as a human, ripped up at the root… To repair that connection you need to repair it where it was severed: at the root.

“I am feeling much more supported and connected to my ancestors. This made possible so much self-forgiveness and collective comfort for my generational lines and I have been able to cultivate love and affirmation to the person I am ready to step into becoming.”

– Giulia


Tending Radical Roots is a four week experience of learning and practice where you will be guided through the steps of forming an ancestor work practice, performing a ritual to connect with and honor your ancestors, integrating the results of that ritual, and developing a commitment to continued ancestor connection. 

During this class you’ll go beyond looking to the past: Tending Radical Roots will help you engage with your dead in service of dreaming, creating, and living into new worlds.

Rooted in a community structure, you’ll have the accountability to remain consistent and devoted to your practice during the course.

Centered around the traditional high holy day of the ancestors, the witch’s new year: Samhain or All Soul’s Day, we’ll spend two weeks as a community initiating this practice and  preparing for an individual ritual to honor the ancestors on the holy day, then two weeks reflecting on the ritual, integrating insights and making a plan for continuing ancestral practice. 

What You Get

  • 4 week course, centered around All Souls’ Day/Samhain
  • 4 live group support calls and recordings of all calls. All live group calls to take place on Wednesdays at 5pm ET, with recordings available if you can’t make it live!
  • Community discussion space hosted on Discord
  • Weekly handouts and educational videos on crucial ancestor work topics to help you set intentions, clarify what you want out of this practice, develop your own ritual to honor your ancestors, and plan a continuing practice.
  • Weekly activities to help you turn intention into action!

Week 1 – Focusing Intention

This week you’ll focus in on which ancestors you’ll be working with, why you want to work with them and how you’ll do it!

Week 3 – Connecting With Ancestors

After ritually honoring the ancestors it’s time to sit back and listen for what they have to say. You’ll learn about communicating with the ancestors, setting boundaries and ways to build relationship and community.

Week 2 – Initiating Ritual Action

Your second week is all about planning, setting up for, and completing a ritual to honor your ancestors on Samhain or All Soul’s Day.

Week 4 – Integrating & Moving On

Your final week is for reflection, review, closing this work, and making a plan to continue (or not!) this work in a way that is sustainable and supportive to you.


Hi! I’m Lex, and I’m gonna be your guide into the underworld of ancestor work.

I’m a tarot reader and folk magician weaving spells for liberation, living in the Great Black Swamp, user of they/them pronouns, lover of pleasure and decadence.

For the astrologically curious, I’ve got a 12th house Scorpio sun conjunct Mars and Pluto, with Mercury in the 1st house. My calling to work with the dead and my ancestors is written in the stars, to put it a bit dramatically.

I come to this work because my ancestors are deeply intertwined with my magical practice. The folk practices and cunning ways I saw in the kitchen growing up are the foundation for what I do and teach. My practice has its origin in all those little hush-hush things the grannies in my small, hilly town did. They took their power where they could and harnessed it when they needed it.

And even as ancestral connection is essential to what I do, I have STRUGGLED with this work even as I was drawn almost compulsively toward it. As a queer person, as a white person whose ancestors had to hide their origins and traditions so they could assimilate, as a radical who in the depths of my soul is repulsed by conservatism, ancestor work has been a challenge. Ancestor work is often conservative, genealogical, and exclusively focused one’s blood lineage as provable by historical documents. Many standard ancestor work classes have been harmful to me and ignored my vital radical, queer, marginalized, neurodivergent, and otherwise deviant ancestors.

That’s why I created Tending Radical Roots. Because working with ancestors needs to go beyond looking to the past so that you can engage with your dead in service of dreaming, creating, and living into new worlds.

Tending Radical Roots is here to help you connect to and engage with your dead in service of life, in service of a better future. This course will help you craft an ancestor practice that is accessible and authentic to you so that you can cultivate connection with your ancestors. 

If you…

  • are ready to create and ancestor practice that embodies your values and helps you live them…
  • are ready to stop pruning the leaves and addressing symptoms when what you actually need to do is get at the root…
  • want to cultivate an accessible and authentic connection to your ancestors and create a sustainable ancestor practice…
  • want to begin a respectful, sustainable, and radical ancestor work practice this Samhain season…
  • are ready to do that surrounded by peers in a community of learning and practice…

A limited number of half-cost scholarships are available for Trans or BIPOC students, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Email thelexritchie@gmail.com for more information.

“Lex didn’t give me THE ANSWER but instead gave me a series of questions to help me make up my own mind. It gave me agency and helped me realize what truly aligned with me. I feel so much more agency. It really is a super power to give space for folks to find their own answers.“

– Emily