Jessica (she/her)
“Before this reading, I was feeling intrigued, but a bit uncertain. Deity connection has made me a little uneasy in the past, and so I wasn’t sure how I felt about opening my relationships up for Aphrodite to speak on, even through the Lovely Lex. However, a desire to create intentional, depthful relationships with spirit had also been on my mind, and I knew this reading would likely be a valuable source of wisdom and connection. In the end, my intrigue won out–helped along by the fact that I’ve had several readings before and each has been absolutely incredible. This experience, likewise, did not disappoint.
I appreciated the nuance with which the reading was planned and approached, the great respect for the cards, for me and for all spirits involved, the clarity of message, and the general care. It was truly a worth-while, nurturing experience to listen to from beginning to end, and I could see almost immediately how the cards pulled might fit into and resonate with my own life.
Afterwards, there is so much to sit with, consider, and compost. I have more general clarity. More, I felt like I came away with a few specific actions, thoughts, through-lines. This reading was beautiful for in its process of making cultivating spirit connection feel tangible for me. It brought me so much sense of possibility for bringing intention to my spirit relationships. I feel that I am on the path to a greater wholeness. Thank you so much!”

Otti (they/he)
“This reading was just so wonderful and insightful! I really appreciated the meditation in the beginning – it was wonderful and the way you speak is delightful! Coming into the reading, I was hoping to get assurance for my intuition. The reading resonated with everything I am going through at the moment and reminded me that I can find the answers inside me. This reading showed me that I need to take it one step at a time and my intuition is here helping me. This reading helped me remember to listen to myself, my abilities and trust that the answers will come.”

Megan (they/them)
“I was feeling very torn, anxious, and unsteady. But in the reading I instantly felt a warmth and sense of safety. Lex’s voice was very calm and soothing. I felt so seen and heard during the whole experience. The compassion that Lex holds for their work is felt immediately. I felt very empowered by my reading. I felt steadier and supported and it helped calm my anxiety. The reading gave me a new way of seeing things and helped me make space to check in with myself and hear what I needed. I was able to connect with a trusted mentor to help me come to a resolution. I don’t think I would have had the clarity to take care of myself in that way without this experience.
It was so wonderful to be held by a queer spiritual person. I’ve had a lot of readings and spiritual encounters, but never with a queer provider. It always felt like there was something missing. In this reading I felt seen and validated in a way I never have before!”

Bridget (he/they)
“My experience was profoundly positive. I resonated deeply with the cards that were pulled and I felt a presence of a guide that I had not felt in over a decade. I appreciated the directness of the deck and the in-depth but concise interpretation of the cards. What stood out the most was the way the cards and interpretation seemed to dig deep and reveal what I had known underneath and showed me different insights to nurture that knowledge. Your words helped me realize that I was not listening to what I have been feeling called to. Before this reading I felt unmoored, now I feel grounded and empowered to keep walking the path that I’m called to walk. It put some of my fears to rest and provided a balm for fears I know will return, but now I have a strategy to reapply this wisdom and I can soothe those fears again, and keep moving forward.”

Victoria (she/her)
“Before this reading I felt unsteady, like I had the pieces but couldn’t quite put them together. After the reading I am feeling much firmer. I can see how the pieces fit together and I feel equipped to take action and move forward. This reading offered me clarity and sureness in moving forward with this path. I appreciate your in-depth knowledge of the cards. That knowledge, combined with a clear talent for intuition, makes you such a fantastic reader! This was really such an excellent reading!

“After this reading, I feel as though my focus has been resharpened, and that I know what needs my attention in the present. I feel as though my faith has been renewed, and that I’ve been given a strong reason not to give up on my dreams. I’m amazed at just how much wisdom you channelled for me – everything you shared resonated. The cards gave me goosebumps! I really appreciated that you took your time – you chose each word with consideration, and in that way it felt very gentle and respectful, as well as powerful. The reading in itself was very soothing and healing. With deepest gratitude, thank you for your work!”

Emily (website, Instagram)
“This opened up a perspective shift for me that I wasn’t expecting! It has made it possible for me to relax in the in-between, seek liberation and abundance NOW, and spend time in process. It’s helped me realized I needed to do some crucial boundary work that I was avoiding, and gave me a supportive story to help do that work. It has made so many things possible! I already feel things starting to shift and change, little by little. It’s been such a relief to feel that momentum after feeling STUCK. ”

Amelia (website)
“I loved my pre-recorded reading from Lex! Before the reading, I was feeling confused and unclear. Now, I feel so much more grounded and calm. They offered such gentle guidance and clear sight, even when my reading brought up traditionally “scary” cards like The Tower. It allowed me to connect more deeply with my intuition and let it guide me forward. This reading was so good I literally got chills!”

Liz (website, Instagram, Twitter)
“This reading brought a sense of ease and stability into my creative process. Now I’m feeling much more confident and clear. A lot of our session as about accepting the tumultuous energy around me without getting overwhelmed because I have the tools to be successful. That was very empowering for me! I felt very comfortable as a non-binary person, and like I didn’t need to take time explaining my identity to be treated with respect. I was especially thankful for the grounding meditation and for the way you received my words and reacted to them while we spoke about the cards. I had a wonderful time and I will definitely be back!”

Davis (website, Instagram)
“Before the reading, I was feeling really anxious and uncertain about my path. I wasn’t sure about the progress I’d made or where to go from here. Now, I’m feeling much calmer and more supported. Everything I’m moving through is valid and real, and it’s also not a problem — it’s just part of the process. This reading has made it possible for me to move forward through this chaotic, but creatively rich, time in my life, supported in the knowledge that I am exactly where I am meant to be.”

Raechel (Instagram)
“Before I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and unable to fully commit to what I knew would be helpful. Lex’s energy was so calming and grounding. Their approach made a lot of intuitive sense and the whole thing felt like a practice of unblocking me from getting in my own way. I also really appreciate that Lex brings a radical, liberation-focused, and nature-centered lens to magic. Afterwards, I felt a burst of energy that helped motivate me to do the thing I knew I needed to do. Lex didn’t ‘tell me what to do’ but rather removed barriers I had set against my intuition and the blocks that kept me from taking action to doing what I knew would best serve me. We came up with a practical ritual that I have been able to apply to my daily routine. It has added an intentional dose of magic to my day and allowed me to write more, which was one of my main goals! I am feeling more aligned with my power.”

Amy (Instagram)
“Before the reading, I felt confused and messy — with no clear direction. First of all, your manner is so warm and welcoming– that was encouraging and reassuring right from the beginning. The cards you drew could not have been more on point — a sign to me that you are very skilled at tuning in to your intuition and greater magic. And the reading itself felt like you were gently but firmly untangling the messy pile of threads I brought to you. I came away with clear threads that I can follow for myself to find MY answer. That feels so empowering! The reading really calmed down my sense of confusion and messiness — enabling me to relax into the process of continuing to figure out how my own magic can be brought into the world. I feel empowered to explore the various ideas that the cards presented in the reading. It feels like I have “homework” — in the best possible way!! — that will help me on my journey.”

Lauren Clift
“Going into this reading, I was interested in starting an ancestor practice, but unsure where to start. I appreciated the thoughtful layout of the reading and the way it addressed the different aspects and methods of working with my ancestors. I have been struggling with this aspect of my practice, and you touched on all of the things I needed. This reading gave me a lot to think about. Now I have a place to start and ideas for building my ancestor work practice.”

“Before our Year Ahead session I was overwhelmed. As a result of our session, I was able to really challenge limiting beliefs and open to possibilities in exciting ways that are still unfolding. In the session, Lex helped resource me for strengthening my relationship with myself. This helped me weather all the wild and wonderful and devastating storms of this year. I returned to the reading throughout the year as a tool in my healing and growth. This reading and the anchor card Lex pulled for me were companions in tremendous breakthroughs this year. “

“Before the reading I was feeling conflicted. Afterwards, well, I cried. The reading was focused, your voice was very soothing and delivered the message I needed to hear in this time. The fact that you spoke to my reactionary stance really called me out, in the best way. Very, very, very on point. Now I feel reassured that I can, and should, follow the plans that I have set out and see them through. That, as much as I don’t want to, rest is what I need now and that, for me, rest is found in working diligently.”

“This opened my eyes to re-imagine the possibilities, opportunities, and lessons available to me in this situation. It called me to take responsibility for my response and to decide what role I am going to play in the world. It empowered me to take confident action to share my vision with the world. And it gently reminded how to comfort and ground myself when things get heavy. I feel certain of what my role is in the collective consciousness. I am taking definitive action towards my dreams. I have the tools and skills to recenter and get through hard times. I trust in my intuition and in my abilities. Lex’s guidance has opened doorways for me and I’m glad I stepped through!”

“It was wonderful to be able to get a reading from another non-binary person who understands chronic health stuff, because it didn’t feel like I had to ‘interpret’ reading to make it match my situation”

“I loved that this reading didn’t provide THE ANSWER but instead gave me a series of questions to help me make up my own mind. It gave me agency instead of a false sense of certainty & that was exactly what I needed! Since my reading I’ve reconsidered what I thought I wanted & realized what truly aligns with me. I’ve made major strides in figuring out my next steps & feel confident in the direction I’m going. I feel so much clarity! THANK YOU for your help & for the work you do! ” ⁠

Giulia (Instagram)
“Coming into this reading I was stuck, coming up against the same walls over and over! I love how Lex invited me to breathe into the moment, pause the reading and make a cup of tea so I can groove into the magic of the tarot medicine. It was so soothing to hear this channeled, loving wisdom. Also, the dive into the overall energies of the cards (numerology and the elements present) were an eye-opening lesson in the art of the Tarot as well. I feel like I took a breath of fresh air. Lex’s reading was so full of guidance, validation of the feelings I was scared to share and own for myself, and encouragement to create a healing reality with practical tips. Like the best therapy I’ve had.”

“My reading was very positive and affirming. The experience felt like a gentle nudge to follow my heart. My reading has given me the perspective to take action related to my question and I feel much more empowered. Everything about the experience felt very encouraging and right.”

Ancestor Work

Mary (she/her)
“My reading was miraculous! I was very nervous before my reading! I’ve never had a close connection with my ancestors (living or deceased) and it’s always felt really inaccessible for me. The things that came through were so resonant. I’ve done a LOT of shadow work around generational patterns and it all came through in the reading.
Lex mentioned Hecate to me- and in my research about her I realized I’ve been subtly working with her for years. I think that Hecate will be the perfect guide for me to explore the underworld & find the ancestors that want to work with me in my craft & mission in this life. Lex also gave me so many book recommendations and so many suggestions to grow my practice!
This reading opened a road I thought was previously closed. I know I can travel down the winding path of my ancestors, armed with the knowledge that I can chose to interact with who I am aligned with – and that it’s alright for me to protect myself from any ancestors with ill-will towards me. Which is so, so validating. I feel so grateful for this reading.”

Angela (they/she)
“Before the reading, I felt completely lost on how to connect with my ancestors. I wanted a connection badly, but I felt like I was fumbling around in the dark hoping to find a door that maybe wasn’t even there. I loved the thoroughness of the reading. I loved feeling truly seen as a person and the way the reading helped me reframe some of the hardest parts of my life in a way that feels purposeful. I know I’m on the right track now and that helps me keep pushing forward.
I especially appreciate that this reading offer concrete steps to begin working with them and that it offered insights into the gifts I have for this work.
I feel so inspired and connected to my ancestors after this reading. They aren’t just a blank faceless void anymore. They’re people who understand me and support me, and I feel empowered to not only support them back but support myself, too. That’s so much more than I even hoped for. I feel completely empowered to work with my ancestors now.”

Giulia (Instagram)
“Before this session I felt cloudy, uncertain. I was really looking for validation of intuition rather than a hard yes/no about the way forward. And Heck. Yes. I loved the room for conversation around the cards and their meanings. It’s SO helpful to hear what I intuitively know from someone else; like a really affirmative reflection. The grounding meditations bookending the session felt sacred and tailored to the energy you were invoking for my space. Just all around great! This session equipped me with exactly that. This session invited me into self-forgiveness and collective comfort for my generational lines and welcomed me into love and affirmation to the person I am ready to step into becoming. I am feeling much more supported and connected to my ancestors. So grateful for this invitation!”

Sas Featherstone (she/her)
“Before my session I felt confused, overwhelmed, blocked, resistant. Your reading provided me with so much more than I anticipated. It feel as though you’ve opened up several avenues for me to explore now.
This reading gave me a map to start me off on my journey, and the tools that I know will be invaluable along the way. I just love your style of reading, and how radical and anticapitalist it is. Your passion and dedication really comes through, but your readings also always feel so unhurried and considerate, which not only allows me to slow my own pace down for a spell, but also makes me feel deeply valued and honoured.
I wasn’t sure that the booking form was the right place for my ridiculously complex family background, but it didn’t matter at all – although you didn’t have the specifics, everything you talked about in my reading was just spot on, and you absolutely described the energy of my ancestry without having that information from me.”

Education + Mentorship

Peach (Instagram)
“Through Lex’s guiding hand, with the context of ritual, journaling, imagery (and so much more!) I rewrote my story. To be guided into my OWN power and creating my OWN story was a revelation. I loved the fact that Lex was there to listen and guide, not preach. They held amazing space for my own personal wisdom and power to come through. I feel prepared to view challenges as guide, mentor, and medicine, rather than frightening circumstance.
If you’re looking for an experience with your magic, and a guide to your own inner wisdom rather than feeling TOLD what do do, I highly recommend Lex as mentor. I’m so grateful they were able to (gently!) motivate me and hold space for such an intimidating journey!”

Emily Corturillo
“This drastically expanded my consciousness of all the things that had already been possible! I began the course feeling very self-conscious and carried worry that I would inadvertently do something to upset my ancestors, and this course not only put my heart at ease but allowed me to work through this feeling (which, turns out, was connected to ancestral trauma). Lex did a fantastic job holding space for and supporting us while we encountered wounds — and helped us identify whether or not we were ready to undertake that particular journey at the time.”

“Lex didn’t give me THE ANSWER but instead gave me a series of questions to help me make up my own mind. It gave me agency and helped me realize what truly aligned with me. It really is a superpower to give space for folks to find their own answers.”